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Friday 28 February 2020

KehairTherapy Coconut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

KehairTherapy Coconut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review
Hi everyone, in today's review I am going to share my experience with the new shampoo and conditioner that I've used. I have used this product for the past three weeks and today, I am going to share my experience with these. I am talking about the KT Advanced Hair Care Extreme Coconut Repair Shampoo and Repair Conditioner. The reason I wanted to give some time to this hair care range is that it is a new brand and I wanted to try these couple of times before sharing the reviews.

They are sulphate and paraben-free, which enticed me to use these and honestly, they have not failed to impress me. We all know that chemical loaded products like shampoo and conditioner can disrupt the pH balance of the scalp or make your hair look lifeless and dull. This is why, I was in search of a good shampoo and conditioner which are paraben and sulphate free.

Price: 875 Rupees for Shampoo & Conditioner, Buy It Here

KehairTherapy Coconut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review

These KT Coconut shampoo and conditioner are packaged in white bottle with pump dispenser at the top. Their packaging is sturdy and is safe to take away with you however, if you have opened the pump then by rotating the dispenser top part, it can be secured again.
Not that these products are sulphate and paraben free but they are also Vegan and not tested on animals which means that they are also cruelty free. I have coloured hair and as the shampoo and conditioner both are safe for the coloured hair type, I could use them without having any second thoughts about.

The shampoo has light brown gel like formula with a mild coconut-ish smell. It is a combination of coconut milk and coconut water, known for their nourishing nd damage repairing properties.

The shampoo does not lather as it does not have sulphates and that's totally fine because it does not mean that only a product that lathers a lot is going to cleanse the scalp. That can be a pseudo cleansing that can entice a lot of us with their fluffy looking lathers but sulphate free shampoos are good at cleaning the scalp. This one gives medium lathers though.
However, most of the sulphate free shampoos do not lather as much but trust me they are going to clean the scalp thoroughly. My hair is normal with medium thickness with some dryness at the ends. So, after using the shampoo and conditioner both, I could feel that the hair looks really clean and very soft. Even the hair has become smoother and frizz has been reduced to certain extent.

And for this, I would say that the shampoo cleanses the scalp well but when it comes to frizz control, rest of the work has been done by the conditioner which smells really good and is very creamy in texture. The conditioner evenly gets applied on the hair and I usually wash my conditioner off after 3 to 4 minutes. That’s sufficient time for this conditioner to make hair smoother and conditioned.

With no chemicals in it, even men can use it for daily use. Because I have noticed that a lot of boys would wash their hair with shampoo every day. So if they are looking for a mild and sulphate or paraben free shampoo for daily use, then this brand can also be tried. Other than that, I feel that the range is really good considering, its chemical free nature and the goodness of coconut water and coconut milk in it. For my normal hair during winter season, it has worked really well.  They are reasonably priced as there is no hefty price tag with them.
I would really recommend, if you are looking for a good paraben and sulfate free formula for everyday use for dry and frizzy hair, then this can be tried. In fact, you can also try out some other products from this same brand.

KehairTherapy Coconut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review Reviewed by Niesha on 10:34 pm Rating: 5 KehairTherapy Coconut Repair Shampoo and Conditioner Review Hi everyone, in today's review I am going to share my experience with t...

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