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Tuesday 17 December 2019

Allin Exporters Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Allin Exporters Tea Tree Essential Oil Review

Hi guys you might have across different brands of essential oils and I too have used a lot of them. Today, I have this Allin Exporters tea tree Essential oil review for you. They make essential oils in different quantities and varieties. Tea tree Essential oil is widely known for its antibacterial and antifungal properties. In fact, if you’ve noticed The Body Shop has entire range of tea tree products like a face wash, gel, toner, cream and what not. They are made especially for the oily and acne prone skin type.

Considering this, I have always loved to use tea tree essential oil to combat the acne and pimples and trust me it has worked wonderfully. So, guys in this article, I am going to talk about the Allin Exporters Tea Tree Essential oil.

Price: 338 Rupees (available at discount online)

Review Allin Exporters Tea Tree Essential Oil

This tea tree essential oil comes in a carton packaging and inside there is tea tree oil packaged in a dark amber colored bottle. The bottle actually helps the product to stay fresh for a long time and also prevents the oil from getting rancid. The oil bottle is quite a sturdy even though it's made of glass. It’s a small bottle that holds 15 ml of the product. The same brand also offers tea tree oil in different quantities like 30 ml, 100ml and more which you can check out here:

With this tea tree oil, they have not given any dropper to take out the oil, however the mouth of the bottle is not open but is given a dropper like plastic shape given over it. I already have seen this similar pattern in some of my other essential oils and it works even better than a dropper.

The oil is really strong which also talks about the concentration of the tea tree essential oil. The adulterated version of essential oils may not have that strong smell. It’s 100 % natural and does not have any solvent or hexane inclusion during the extraction.

How to use tea tree oil for acne:

You can use tea tree oil in a number of ways like for your skin, hair, or medicinal uses and even for the aromatherapy like in the diffuser. I use it for two purposes and that is for my face and for the body skin. For my face I basically use this tree oil in making different remedies and recipes that helps my skin to stay pimple-free and to eliminate the dark spots.
I would just mix some tea tree oil drops with half spoon of pure aloe vera gel and apply on my face at night to be ensured that the skin stay pimple free. I do this every 2 to 3 days to avoid cane and clogged pores.

 And whenever I feel any breakouts coming on my skin, I would apply few drops of diluted tree tree oil to make the breakouts heal faster.

There can be different things one can try tea tree oil for and if not this you can try other good brands of tea tree oils available in the Indian market.
Those of you, who’re looking for a good brand to buy the tea tree oil from, can consider this Allen exporter tree oil.

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