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Thursday 22 June 2017

A Low-Down on Abof’s Loafers and Sneaker Selection

A low-down on abof’s loafers and sneaker selection
No heels, low heels - been there, done that, or over with it? Not anymore! With designs available aplenty, low-heel footwear need not mean b.o.r.i.n.g. We believe you and I can still look chic and stylish with one, and do so effortlessly.

abof, a fashion brand, offers products dedicated to only men and women across numerous categories. While scouring through abof’s Android app for low-heeled footwear, here’s what we found:

Loafers for men
Head for the beach or dress for an evening out with friends- no matter what your outfit, pair it with loafers to pull off any look plus make a casual style statement. Comparable with the ever-versatile T-shirts that go with all your casual wear be it shorts, cargos, or jeans, you can never go wrong with one of these (or more!).
Suede, leather, canvas and more, abof lists hundreds of loafers designed for men. Thick rubber soles or considerably thinner polyurethane ones, you’ll find it here. Not only do they include brands like Carlton London, Louis Philippe, and San Frissco but also a huge selection of self-branded ones.
All-time favourite hues such as browns and blacks seem to rule the roost. For those of you who love to experiment, there are unisex designs and tens of other shades. Why? There are even patterned ones too. With decorative ties, tassels, buckles and many other variations, men are bound to be spoilt for choice.
Sneakers for ladies
Sneakers are supposedly quiet, but of course. But, pretty/cute/smart? How about ALL of it? If days of athleisure are here, so are sneakers.
For women, abof lists numerous low tops sneakers with both lace-up and Velcro types. 20 dresses, Fila, Lavie, Bata’s North Star range alongside several self-branded ones – you’ll find all these and more crafted in materials like canvas, synthetic or genuine leather.
You can also find a number of high tops and unisex sneakers. In addition to blacks and whites, which rule the roost, there are sneakers in other shades, multicolour patterns, or in gold or silver tones.
Bundle in individual needs, style, and good looks
The app offers a mix selection of EU sizes (max 41) and US sizes (max 8) for both men and women. Half sizes still seem a distant dream. Even those with unconventional footwear sizes by Indian standards may find options online.With discounts going up to 30% or higher for some products you could get lucky and land a good deal on even the higher priced footwear.
And, oh, do you like to match your choice of loafers or sneakers with accessories like belts, bags, and wallets? abof promises both men and women a more put together appearance with a huge selection of all these and more!
Shopping made fun
I couldn’t find virtual try-on for footwear, yet! But if you, like me, love to experiment with looks, look no further. Their fashionable clothing trials are so wow.
You get to create your virtual clone, the MeModel. Chat with AISHA their stylebot, update your style quotient, refer friends or check out ‘What’s hot’. Phew! abof’s app offers many fun features laid out on a colourful platter.
In addition to email, the abof app comes with the option of google/facebook sign-in. So, you can start to try out at the get go. Got your dose of fun with abof yet? I got mine!

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