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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil Review

Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil Review
Hi everyone!!
I will review another product from Himalaya FOR MOMS range. I have already reviewed the body butters from this range which were amazing. Next I will review this toning massage oil. Toning of skin is essential since the new moms can get a bit laid back or ignorant about their skin after the new found responsibility. So let’s see if this toning massage oil is good to try or not? By the way girls, I have already finished this oil and the bottle is not with me anymore hence I used these sample images.
Price of Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil: This is for 200 rupees.

Experience with Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil
This oil is packaged in a nice bottle which is of plastic and is typical white and greenish pack. This is Himalaya’s herbal traditional packaging by the way. There is this flip top cap which is sturdy and is very tight. This is good as this will prevent the oil leakage.
 The oil is light weight and does not have that greasiness so the regular oils. It smells like some herbal oil which is slight sweet smelling as well.
I use this oil on my body to massage. This product has arrived at the right time since after the bathe when we use body oils and body lotions, our skin gets hydrated for the rest of the day. The oil is light as I said and can be spread on the skin very easily. After the massaging, I also feel that it gives soft glow on the skin. Like most of the oils will not entirely get inside the skin but it does help to revive the skin and get that glow. The oil is very nice in texture hence the massaging becomes really easy. 

I am liking this oil these days and the body butter from this range. Everyday, I would use this soon after the shower and would massage this all over the body which actually makes the body glow and get moisturized. A faint whiff of sweet smell is also there.
This toning massage oil has the sesame oil which tones and tightens the skin. It also contains winter cherry which nourishes the skin, country mallow which will calm and sooth the skin, along with the lavender oil which calms the irritated skin.
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I think this will be a good everyday use product for moms and others. You can try it post pregnancy time. This also tones and relaxes the muscles and relives the joint pain. Moreover, the light massaging will also help to ease anxiety and stress and promotes sleep.

Rating: 5 out of 5

Himalaya FOR MOMS toning massage oil is nice light textured oil that can help to sooth and nourish the skin. This is affordable since the pack of 200 ml is for 200 rupees and this will last long.
Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil Review Reviewed by Niesha on 3:34 pm Rating: 5 Himalaya FOR MOMS Toning Massage Oil Review Hi everyone!! I will review another product from Himalaya FOR MOMS range. I have alrea...

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