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Tuesday 21 February 2017

Blouse designs to Up your style

Blouse designs to Amp up your style

Blouses are an important piece of clothing that goes with a sari or even a lehenga though there can be so many variations in a blouse but the basic remains the same that it brings style and glamour to the upper body part. Saree is a very sensuous dress type which looks beautiful on Indian women. These days a saree blouse or a lehenga blouse can be seen with so many designs and variations like the cape, hood, long length, jacket etc. Whatever is the style but surely that looks great on any women.

One can experiment with the blouse patterns like a choli cut blouse, backless blouse, drawstring, etc. This means that right from the blouse back, front to sleeves etc there can be so many styles to experiment with and to look your best with these blouse designs.
Saree blouses have evolved over the time and these days there is so much to do with them. If your stomach is your problem area with fat, you can easily wear a jacket style blouse to cover it up, or try to keep the length a bit lower till the belly button. Moreover, if you would like to add a sensuous touch to the saree, then a backless can be your fit. Not only this mature women can go for blouse with collar like Chinese collar or mandarin color, even cowl collar as been seen sported by the Bollywood celebrities. 

Blouses give this elegant look even when worn with a heavy saree or with a simple plain Jane kind of saree. You know sarees are not just a traditional attire but when worn with the suitable fabric and style of blouse, it becomes formal and exudes class and sophistication.
With blouse design one can try new styles with the necklines, back, sleeves extra but there is one more choice and that is the fabric, the fabric type can play an important part in accentuating the look of the blouse like there have been blouses in lace fabric, velvet, sheer fabric and even our very own khadi. Sheer fabrics are good for that peek a boo effect but not everyone though they are great for giving that delicate effect.

If you are a bit bold and does not mind showing the skin, then off shoulder blouses can also be suitable. Try off shoulder or the ones with sphegetti straps. Such blouse patterns will help to draw attention towards the collar bone hence can be great if you have long sleeve neck with chiseled collar bone.

If you wish to wear saree and lehengas for the parties, wedding etc then sequined blouse, embroidered or even the stone studded ones will be excellent. The blingy blouses look ravishing with simple chiffon sarees or the cotton silk sarees. Bridal blouses can be heavy embroidered and sequined to add that bridal effect.
So, which is the blouse design or pattern that you would like to go for girls? I like the delicate feminine kind of blouses and not something that shows too much skin but looks stylish at the same time.

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