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Monday 6 February 2017

Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review

Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review

Hi girls! I will be reviewing this new Astaberry Pearl Facial kit which is the newest facial kit that I have tried.
Price: This Astaberry Pearl Facial kit is for 225 rupees for a 4 step facial kit and a free face wash.

Improves Skin Moisturization
The rich formulation of wine in this facial kit adds the desired amount of moisture and makes your skin soft and supple. Replenish Depleted Moisture. This facial depletes the lost moisture of your skin and nourishes it in the most unique way. Everlasting Glow and Fairness
This facial allows to pamper your skin providing a soothing effect and leaves your skin more beautiful than before. You can get that instant glow and fair skin with this facial kit.

Experience with Astaberry Pearl Facial Kit
The pearl facial kit is easy to use home facial kit that has the following products inside:
Pearl Cleansing Gel
Pearl Scrub
Pearl massage cream
Pearl Mask
Astaberry papaya face wash (Free)

So, to start the facial I washed my face with this face wash and then tied my hair up. After that I took a  coin sized amount of the pearl cleanser. The cleanser is very soft and satiny is texture. There are micro early shimmers in this gel cleanser. I massaged my face with the cleanser and then would wipe this off using wet towel.
Then I used the scrub over my face in circular motions. Circular motion are the best since this boosts the micro circulation in your face hence resulting in the glow and softness. I would scrub my face using this pearl scrub for around 2 minutes.
Then it’s time for the pearl cream. This cream is white in color and without any pearly shimmer etc. I would take a coin sized amount but I squeezed the entire tube of this cream and massaged my face. At times to increase the lubrication I will use some rose water that helps to let the hands glide smoothly on the facial contours.

Once I am done with all the steps I will apply the face mask which is thick and creamy. I would wash my face with clear water once the pack gets dry after 15-20 minutes.
The facial kit is decent and okay f or one time usage, the price is also good and affordable. This has cleared the skin and makes the skin feel smoother and lustrous but that is short term for a day or so. I won’t mind using this before I head over for a party or function but this is not as good as the Astaberry oxy facial that I used earlier.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5
Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review Reviewed by Niesha on 1:28 pm Rating: 5 Astaberry Pearl Facial kit Review Hi girls! I will be reviewing this new Astaberry Pearl Facial kit which is the newest facial kit that...

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