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Wednesday 28 December 2016

Astaberry Gold Facial Kit Review and Price

Astaberry Gold Facial Kit Review, Details and How to Use

Hi everyone!!
I will review Astaberry Gold Facial Kit that is filled with the goodness of 24 carat pure gold for radiant and glowing skin as per the claims. I have used this a week ago and now, I can share my views on it. By the way, I like using home facial kits since they are easy to use and save a lot of time.

Price: This Astaberry Gold Facial Kit is priced at Rs. 225/- only with free 50 ml tube of Astaberry Detan Sun Tan Removal Face Pack and is available at all major cosmetic outlets and major Online Retailers.  

Claims: Astaberry Gold Facial Kit is enriched with Gold as an active ingredient, this facial formula hydrates, firms and moisturizes the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles resulting in smooth and healthy skin.  Moreover, other herbal extracts of Almond Oil, Olive Oil, Rice Powder, Aloe Vera and Rose deeply refines epidermis of the skin and ensures pretty and glowing skin.
Astaberry Gold Facial Kit works as Skin Brighter Complexion Agent in four different ways including Gold Scrub, Cleansing Gel, Cream and Mask which deeply exfoliates, cleanses nourishes and enhances the skin tone.

Experience with Astaberry Gold Facial Kit
This facial kit is nicely packed in a carton where the 4 facial step tube are arranged along with a free face wash. There are 4 facial steps for this gold facial and they are as follows:
Step 1 Gold Scrub
This facial starts with scrubbing instead of the cleansing gels etc. So, before using this I will wash my face and then would take some of this scrubber and would exfoliate the skin. This is a good exfoliator which helps to take off the dead skin but I think this will be slightly abrasive for the sensitive skin but you can use some more water to dilute it
Step 2 Gold gel
This is the second step which helps to nourish the skin as this has almond oil, olive oil etc. Moreover, the texture is yet light weight for the oily combination skin. I used this to massage my skin for 3-5 minutes and there are those gold particles that spreads on the skin and makes the skin look glowing but that is temporarily huh!!
Step 3 Gold Cream
This gold cream is peachy colored cream that is greasy and nourishing hence I used less cream and more of rose water to massage this on my face. This has a very creamy texture and helps to get rid of the dry patches and dryness.
Step 4: Gold Pack
This is washable pack/mask that needs to be applied evenly on the face and then washed off. I find this to be decently.

Results: After the facial my skin feels softer. Of course all the dead skin, dryness, excess sebum is gone! Moreover skin looks clear. But there is no glow as such but glow can be seen the next day and it last for few days I think this is okay as when we do the facial on our own then the glow stays for a few days only. Furthermore that also depends on your skin type, weather etc. I find this to be affordable and decent for one time usage.
Rating: 3.75 out of 5
Astaberry Gold Facial Kit Review and Price Reviewed by Niesha on 12:51 pm Rating: 5 Astaberry Gold Facial Kit Review, Details and How to Use Hi everyone!! I will review Astaberry Gold Facial Kit that is filled with...

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