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Wednesday 30 November 2016

Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit Review and How I Used

Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit Review

Hi everyone!
Facial can make your skin look beautiful, glowing and younger. So, if you have been thinking about using an oxygen facial or oxy facial, then I have used this Astaberry Oxy Facial kit. I will review this product today. 

Claims: Astaberry Biosciences, the leading manufacturer of ayurvedic cosmetics has commenced new O2 Oxy Facial Kit which ensures a cooling upshot to the skin while rejuvenating the healthy glow. This kit is enhanced with oxygen traits. Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit pumps pure oxygen in to the skin pores and carnage the dead skin cells and bacterial infections while improving blood circulation. Oxygen enrich is a must to regenerate and rejuvenate the skin for flawless and vigorous beauty.

Price:  Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit are available at all major cosmetic outlets and major online stores like Flipkart and Amazon at Rs. 225/- only with free 60 ml of face wash inside the pack.

Experience with Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit
The kit comes in a big pack though the packaging is for one time usage. This also contains a free fruit face wash which is good and can be used before the start of the facial. The kit contains 4 facial steps in total. It has Oxy Cleansing Gel, Scrub, Crème and Mask, which deeply cleanses, exfoliates, nourishes and enhances the skin tone.

The cleansing gel is transparent and light weight, I used this to massage on the skin for 1-2 minutes then washed it off, you can also use damp cotton or wash cloth. Then I sued the oxy scrub, which is a whitish creamy lotion that has scrubbing granules. The granules are not densely packed but are good enough to scrub or exfoliate the skin. 

Then comes the step no 3 which is the cream massaging. The massage cream is a slightly thick cream that has to be massage on the skin. I squeezed the entire tube and massaged this over my face. I also took few drops of rose water to let the hands glide smoothly over the facial contours. The massaging with this cream feels nice. I massage for around 10-15 minutes after which the last step comes which is the mask. The oxy mask is thick and mud like texture. I spread this all over the face and then let it get dry. Once it does, I washed it off. 

Cleansing gel, Scrub, Cream and Mask (L-R)

Results: Soon after the facial I can feel that the skin was cleaner and smother though it take some time for the facial glow to be visible on the skin. The massaging with the cream has definitely made the face glow though that last for few days only. Honestly, we all know that home facial is good when we need glow for 3-4 days. So, that way this kit it good for home usage like when you need to attend a ceremony, wedding or function etc and have no time to visit a salon or parlour.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (-1 for glow not lasting longer tan few days)

Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit is a decent and affordable home facial kit that can be used by women and men as well this is easy to do and the entire process lasts for around 45 minutes, which is good for people who are generally busy. This gives a glow on the skin without any irritation moreover, there is no strong smelling products. They were gentle on the skin and works decently.
Astaberry Oxy Facial Kit Review and How I Used Reviewed by Niesha on 12:09 am Rating: 5 A staberry Oxy Facial Kit Review Hi everyone! Facial can make your skin look beautiful, glowing and younger. So, if you have been th...

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