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Monday 24 October 2016

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review

Hi girls, smelling good if an essential part of grooming and I will review this Vanesa Glam deo mist today. 

Price: 150 rupees for 150 ml.

Brand says: Vanesa, leading deodorant brand for women has launched its new fragrance ‘Glam’ under the range of its women mist category. Its long lasting mesmerizing fragrance stays with you all long day. This secret weapon opens with notes of floral freesia and rose, while at heart is enhanced with fresh aura of cedar and sandal and its base is enriched with caramel and vanilla. This mesmerizing fragrance ensures a spray of sensuality and attraction in just a single squeeze. This mist ensures skin friendly and alcohol free that doesn’t irritate your skin and gives 24 hours of lasting anti-bacterial protection. Vanesa Glam Deo Mist has been enhanced with moisturizing silicone oil that gently nourishes the skin and keeps it soft and smooth. Regular use reduces the harm caused by use of shaving and depilatories, thereby giving fairer, even toned underarms.

Experience with Vanesa glam deo mist
This deo mist comes in a red pack with a spray pump. Packaging is good but the cap is a bit loose that way. The smell is refreshing and reminds me of something in between a floral and sandalwood scent. The smell is delicate and not too strong unlike some of the deo mists out there but when you do not shake the bottle well then the mist spray will not be there but more air comes out hence shaking this well is a must with this. This stay on for around 4-7 hours on me and that actually depends like I can still smell it even after 7 hours and at times it will wear off within 4-5 hours. 

I liked the floral notes with hint of sandalwood which is good for this pre winter season. This is inexpensive and easily available in online and shops. There is no itching, burning post application even when you have freshly shaved the underarms. Good for girls on budget and college people. As compared with most of the other brands this is cheaper hence is inexpensive.
Rating: 4 out of 5
Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review Reviewed by Niesha on 6:07 pm Rating: 5 Vanesa Glam Deo Mist Review Hi girls, smelling good if an essential part of grooming and I will review this Vanesa Glam deo mist toda...

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