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Tuesday 18 October 2016

Top X Mangal Sutra styles for a Working Woman!

Top X Mangal Sutra styles for a Working Woman!

A mangal sutra plays a pivotal role in the Indian tradition. It is just not a mere neckpiece around a married woman’s neck. It defines an Indian woman’s relationship with her spouse. It is symbolic of her commitment to her man. With a hectic lifestyle, it’s is hard to wear elaborate mangal sutra pieces around the neck. So women today are opting for simple and minimalistic designs.  These jewellery pieces not only are a hassle free adornment but also make a classy style statement. It is easy to find gorgeous and elegant mangal sutra designs online as well as at stores. You can up your glam quotient by tastefully displaying this sacred piece of jewellery, with a contemporary twist. 

There are several new-age captivating mangal sutra designs online from CaratLane that you can select right from the comforts of your home.

Simply enchanting

Wear it to work or at a dinner party, this simple but elegant piece exudes a class of its own. If you are the kind of girl who loves wearing something refined, then this one is a must have! We love the delicate diamond clusters at the bottom that add a beautiful finishing touch to the necklace.

Dazzle & shine  


For the newly married bride who wants to dazzle and shine, this diamond and gold piece is just breathtaking. The heart shaped design ending into an oval drop lends a unique design to the piece. The smart use of rocks with gold offers an opulent look.

Diamond Arch 
  Whether you are going out for a casual dinner with friends or for a family function, this is the perfect blend of simplicity with just the right amount of bling. This delicate semi-circle diamond studded arch effortlessly displays your love for subtlety.

Contemporary Appeal

This one is as contemporary to the tee. It doesn’t resemble a traditional mangal sutra and can be passed off as a stylish necklace.  Chic and sleek, you may even wear it daily.

Heart Shaped Beauty

Splendid yet elegant, this necklace can be worn with Western as well as Indian outfits! The heart shaped design ending into a delicate pendant brings together this majestic piece. You can flaunt it with any outfit you like, and it will certainly not let you down!

Delicate swirl

Light and unpretentious this simple design is perfect for everyday use. The delicate pendant appeals to anyone who loves subtlety and simplicity. Match it with all your work outfits or wear it effortlessly at home.

Alluring design

The delicacy and beauty of the design are something which is alluring to most. We love the three diamonds clusters below, which blend well with gold. Classy and elegant are the words which define this darling.

Structured magic 

This structured necklace is for the woman who loves making unique style statements. The elegant design sets this apart from the rest. The diamonds symmetrically placed on the gold pieces make this one great to wear with Western outfits also.

Shine and glow

Shine bright with this awesome mangalsutra piece.  The diamonds placed on the semi-circular arch make this an enchanting piece. The glittery cluster pendant dangling below is what we love the most about this.

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