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Wednesday 7 September 2016

Younger Looking Skin Through Anti-Aging Laser Therapy

Younger Looking Skin Through Anti-Aging Laser Therapy

In the battle against aging, people resort to all kinds of ways to look younger.  Many use cheap treatments hoping for spectacular results.  Others try whatever their friends recommended without considering their own skin's needs and are left unhappy.  With all the different procedures out there, how do you choose just one?  The answer is to become better informed about treatments.

Creams and Lotions

There are a lot of creams and lotions on the market that promise you youth in a bottle.  Product is usually marked either for the face or body (or both) and intended for wrinkle reduction and skin tightening.  You have to read the ingredients to make sure they actually contain anti-aging ingredients.  If not, all you are getting is just a fancy moisturizer.  Side effects do happen in the form of an allergic reaction to the ingredients.  Cost for one treatment is minimal, but builds up over time.  Results are short lived and not always noticeable.  Somewhat effective on mild issues.

Chemical Peels

A chemical or facial peel is a treatment involving chemicals which are most often applied to the face, but can be used in other areas of the body.  This method is for wrinkle reduction. The chemical basically exfoliates the surface of the skin, removing dead skin cells.  The skin reacts by healing or rejuvenating itself and producing fresh, healthy cells.  The risks, side effects, and results vary, depending on how mild or abrasive the chemicals that were used in the application.  Side effects vary from an allergic reaction to the chemicals, redness, and swelling.  Risk includes the possibility of infection.  Results are noticeable and last for months.  Effective mostly on mild issues.

Laser Therapy

A laser treatment uses a light based energy device to target the cells.  The cosmetic laser varies according to the type of treatment.  Applications include tattoo and scar removal, skin resurfacing, cellulite reduction, hair removal, and much more.  Lasers are used either to target the surface of the skin (ablative) or the underlying dermal layer (non-ablative), or they are used to target hair follicles.  Risks and side effects for ablative lasers includes reddening, swelling, and possible infection.  Results tend to last for long periods, sometimes for years, depending on the application.  Effective on mild to moderate skin issues.

Thermal Applications

A thermal treatment uses heat energy to target an area of the skin.  This method is for skin tightening to reduce wrinkles and sagging skin.  It heats the underlying layer of skin, stimulating the cells to produce collagen while causing the skin to contract.  There are few side effects other than feeling like you have a very mild sunburn.  The risks are minimal.  Results are not noticeable for a month or two and full results may take six months or so.  Effective on mild issues.  Effective on moderate issues when used in conjunction with laser treatments.

Surgical Procedures

Plastic surgery is a method in which a medically trained professional uses surgical procedures to treat an area.  The surgeon cuts out loose skin and performs reconstruction of the underlying tissues by repositioning fat deposits.  Risks are high for infection, anesthetic reactions, and more.  Side effects are redness, swelling, bleeding, and so on.  Recovery takes a significant time.  Results are the most dramatic of all the procedures.  This is also the most expensive procedure.

Making an Informed Decision

Now that you have a better idea of the procedures available, you have a better understanding of what you might want.  Speak with your physician to make sure you are healthy and able to have a procedure, then call your local cosmetic clinic or spa to make an appointment.
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