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Thursday 25 August 2016

Sugar Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review

Sugar Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review

Hi girls!! Recently, While cleansing my vanity I got hold of this amazing product that  I had been using but lost it amongst so many makeup products. So ,when I stumbled upon it again, It was a new found love. :) Then I also realized that I have not reviewed this eyeliner, so here is the review of Sugar WaterProof Liquid eyeliner In Black. Even though I like colored eyeliners, but nothing can beat the classiness of the black eyeliner.

Price of Sugar Liquid Eyeliner: 699 rupees, Err a little pricey, I know.

Experience with Sugar Liquid Eyeliner
The sugar eyeliner comes in a lovely packaging with the eyeliner in a really long plastic black tube pack. I so loved the long tapered handle of this eyeliner. The eyeliner has brilliant pigmentation and is jet black. If you do not like the glossy eyeliners then worry not this gets matte and the good thing is that even after getting matte or dry this will not lose its color. I have used Lakme insta liner which used to get greying when that used to get dry fully. This is jet black in color and is very nice in texture. 

The eyeliner spreads on the eyes nicely and I can draw the lines very thin, thanks of its beautiful brush. Even after wearing this for more than 7-8 hours this will not smudge or budge off. The intensity is the same and I so loved this for that. This is more like the Maybelline gel liner in a liquid formula.

Pros of Sugar Liquid Eyeliner
Very nice packaging
Great thin tapered brush for drawing fine lines
Has a great pigmentation.
Dry quickly and do not have to wait for too long
This stays on the eyes for the whole day and do not smudge
Cons of Sugar Liquid Eyeliner
This is not fully waterproof
Little pricey for a liquid eyeliner
Availability but now Sugar cosmetics products are available online as well and on Fab bag website.

Rating of Sugar Liquid Eyeliner: 4 out of 5
Sugar Eye Told you Liquid Eyeliner in Black  swan is a great liquid eyeliner that dries fast and stays for the entire day. This is a good choice for everyday wear and the brush is user friendly to get fine lines easily.
Sugar Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review Reviewed by Niesha on 11:28 pm Rating: 5 Sugar Liquid Eyeliner in Black Review Hi girls!! Recently, While cleansing my vanity I got hold of this amazing product that   I had b...

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