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Friday 5 August 2016

Emeralds that Inspire Awe By Hazoorilal Legacy

Emeralds that Inspire awe

The colour green has long since been associated with concepts of life, vitality, growth and energy. It is the colour of creation, evident in its very manifestation in our nature. For a jewellery-lover, the many meanings of green strike the chord for a perfect balance through the glorious gemstone, the emerald.

Bold, beautiful, and breath taking, the emerald is an enchantment for the senses. From the rung of top jewellers who dabble with the gold jewellery designs to highlight the captivating gemstone, HazoorilalLegacy offers a truly unique collection of emerald jewellery that’s gotten me absolutely smitten! Take a look at some of their finest pieces that are sure to evoke a rich wave of love in the wearer, and an undeniable envy in onlookers:


Bring to bloom a floral fantasy with this diamond & emerald encrusted ring. The large oval emerald takes the spotlight, as pear shaped petals of emerald and diamond spring to life around it. The jewels are set in an 18k white gold band. Adorn this fresh beauty, and you’ll be a walking, talking embodiment of the zeal of life.

The Puerile

Beautifully studded with emeralds and diamonds, this pair of earrings captures the essence of feminine grace. Set in 18k white gold, the design is a modern rendition of a classical favourite –timeless, in all its splendour. Its western touch takes us right back to grand opera halls and ballrooms. Time to relive a little vintage dream, don’t you think?

Star Power

An effervescent juxtaposition of emeralds and diamonds wows us once again in what seems to be an endless train of jewels. Alternating pear shaped emeralds and princess cut diamonds, this pair of earrings is a glamorous addition to the collection at Hazoorilal Legacy. The versatile design pairs easily with ethnic or western outfits –making it an absolute must-have in your collection.

The Royal Muse