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Thursday 26 May 2016

Nivea Fresh Ocean 48h Deodorant Review

Nivea Fresh Ocean 48h Deodorant Review

Hi everyone!
I am going to review a men's product today. No, I am not using that My husband is using that and as Nivea lunched this new Men’s deodorant they send it to me so that either my husband or my brother (younger) could use it and share their views with me. So, this Nivea Men Fresh ocean deodorant is different that the rest of the deos in a way that it makes a claim that this will keep the underarms fresh and odorless for up to 48 hours, so does is really do that? Or it’s just a claim? Let’s find out.

Price: Rupees 199

Experience with Nivea Men Fresh Ocean 48h Deodorant
The deo has a very attractive packaging with grayish bluish pack. had used several Nivea deodorants like the ocean fresh, talc touch, sensitive skin, whitening etc etc. This one smells very refreshing and something that one would like to use after a tiring gym session, of course after the bath. My husband uses this in the morning and even when he returns after 12-13 hours, this gives a nice fresh smell. He himself have noticed it and says that till the early morning the fragrance stays.
I won’t say that this stays for 48 hours but definitely 24 hours is true. Men who sweat a lot can try this this before hitting the gym for workout session. There is no irritation after this is applied since the formula is effective yet gentle. It won’t cause itching, burning etc rather in this scorching summer too this deo fares well.

Just a tip: you should always use deo about 6 inches away from the underarms, not too close to the skin. Doing so will cover a wider skin area and there won’t be any irritation etc post application.

Rating: 5 out of 5

My husband loved this and would like to purchase it again or may be a different variant from the range if available. If you sweat more then the efficiency of this deodorant will be bit lesser for you but yes, till the time you spend outdoors or in the office, the deo will be effective in most of the cases.
Nivea Fresh Ocean 48h Deodorant Review Reviewed by Niesha on 12:16 am Rating: 5 Nivea Fresh Ocean 48h Deodorant Review Hi everyone! I am going to review a men's product today. No, I am not using that My husban...

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