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Monday 23 May 2016

My Envy Box May 2016 Products and Pictures

My Envy Box May 2016 Products and Pictures

Hi everyone!! I got My Envy Box a week ago and gosh!! He bright canary yellow is such a refreshing color in hot summers. I so loved the box. I can go on and on praising the beauty if this color since I am really in love with bright yellows, oranges and hot pinks this summer. The beautiful print on the front accentuates the beauty of this box. Let’s sneak peak in My Envy Box May 2016. By the way, if you are still new to My Enxy Box ( I am assuming, if you’re new to My Envy Box then you may be new to my blog as well considering that the My Envy Box review post have become monthly post on my blog for the past 2 years I guess. :D

Well, My Envy Box is a luxury beauty samples subscription service where in you can expect 4-5 luxury beauty brands for 850 rupees. Here are the products that I have got in this month’s My Envy Box.

As soon as I opened the box, I saw this Kiehl’s gift card which I can take to any Kiehl’s outlet and get a free skin consultation and samples. 

Votre Face Toning Mist 

Honestly, I am not a fan of Votre products and this isn’t a luxury brand as well. But the product is full sized one so can be tried. I was also wondering that this claims that this is a mist but when I sprayed this doesn’t give the widespread tiny droplets but this sprays the liquid instead that too in a jet like flow. I think it would be better to use this with cotton pad then.

Gulnare Sea flo Face Wash

I am not aware about this brand. I think it’s a new brand like Sugandha, Aroma, Vana etc. The face wash is for 350 rupees and claims to consists of aloe vera and cucumber. I want to try this product as well but I am still wondering why My Envy Box is including so many new brands. I searched it but they do not have an official website of their own. 

Roots and Above Lemon Essential Oil

This lemon essential oil is also from a fairly new brand and costs 375 rupees for 50 ml. I like using essential oils and will use this hence won’t mind if the product is from a new brand as long as the product is genuine.

Island Kiss Lip Moisturizer Berry in Blush

If you follow me regularly then you may have read the post where I shared the review of 3 variants of lip moisturisers from Island kiss. This too is a new brand and I genuinely recommend you to try this out if price is not a concern. Their lip balms very quite hydrating and they are free from the gluten, color, parabens etc. Quite a promising brand!

So, do I like May 2016 My Envy Box? Yes, I loved the box no doubts but do I like the products inside? 
Well, I liked the lip balm and the essential oil but I am not too happy with the other products considering that the products are from new/unknown brands. I like exploring new brands but one or two per box is still fine. I hope the coming boxes encase decent set of products.
My Envy Box May 2016 Products and Pictures Reviewed by Niesha on 10:41 am Rating: 5 My Envy Box May 2016 Products and Pictures Hi everyone!! I got My Envy Box a week ago and gosh!! He bright canary yellow is such a refr...

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