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Saturday 21 May 2016

Fab bag May 2016 Edition Review and Product Pictures

Fab bag May 2016 Edition Review and Product Pictures

Hey girls!! 
May Fab Bag 2016 is different from the previous bags that I have got. I mean to say in appearance, this time the Fab Bag is a pretty neon orange transparent bag. It looks apt for fun filled beach day. I really loved the bag. My younger brother has already taken it to keep his stuff. :D  

Let’s peep what inside this bag.

This month there are 4 products like:

Inveda sunscreen

I am currently using a lot of sunscreens as I am getting tanned. Yes, I am getting tanned, :( but in anyways, sunscreens are a must have. I am liking this sunscreen since the gel texture is excellent for my oily skin especially for summers when the hot weather makes the skin even oilier. 

Nyassa Tea Tree Face Wash

Now that’s something amazing. I like tea tree based face wash as they are beneficial in keeping the skin clean and clear. No kidding they are!! Tea tree is great with its anti bacterial and anti fungal properties hence this face wash will be my next to try once the current one finishes. You know when you have too many products, you kind of have this imaginary list about the products you will be using once the one that you are using gets over. 

Nature’s Co White Tea night cream

I like that the sample size is of decent amount. I think I am going to use this night cream as the amount of the sample is pretty good and can be used for considerable amount of time. By the way, I have not used too many Nature’s co products. Hope the product fares well. Hey! Don't you give me breakouts huh!!

SeaSoul Dual eye shadow

This small palette is so beautiful that this is apt for carrying in a small clutch etc. It's a powder shadow which I can use like a pigment as well. I liked the pretty berry shimmery color. The other color is a pale orange color which I may not use but the berry color is worth having. Thank you Fab bag for this beautiful duo eyeshadow kit.

So, do I like this month’s bag? A big YESS. A full sized sunscreen with a  dual eye shadow, a night cream and a face wash with good amount of quantity. A full sized sunscreen suitable for this weather. Now that was a paisa vasool kind of beauty products and in addition the cutesy and multipurpose bag.

If you follow my blog then no ways, you will still be unaware about the Fab Bag.: D but if your are a new follower and don’t know about what Fab Bag is then Fab Bag is a beauty sample subscription service that costs 599 rupees for a monthly subscription where in you can except 4-5 product samples. They can be makeup, hair and skin are related. At time they do include jewellery as well. Out of the samples, at least one will be a full sized sample. This is what I have observed though there can be 2 as well. yayy!! But other samples too are of considerable quantity. 
If you subscribe for a 3 monthly bag then pay rupees 533 per month. 6 monthly subscription costs 483 Rupees per month Yearly subscription will be priced at 416 rupees per month. All the products will come in a pretty bag which is a zipper pouch and that is like an added bonus that can be used for numerous things.
So, if you haven’t subscribe for Fab Bag yet then do subscribe for a month and I am sure you will like it. Check here: http://www.fabbag.com/

Fab bag May 2016 Edition Review and Product Pictures Reviewed by Niesha on 10:12 pm Rating: 5 Fab bag May 2016 Edition Review and Product Pictures Hey girls!!  May Fab Bag 2016 is different from the previous bags that I have go...

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