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Monday 18 April 2016

Island Kiss Tropical Lip Moisturisers Review

Island Kiss Tropical Lip Moisturisers Review

Hi Girls!!
Juicier, pouty, tinted and supple. This is how I like my lips to be. I would like to introduce you to this new brand of lip balm or lip moisturisers that I have got few weeks ago. This brand is Island Kiss. These Island kiss lip moiturisers are made from Vegan ingredients that contains essential oils, butters and are free from Gluten, toxins, Soy, Shea and GMO. These lip balms moisturisers, heals and hydrates the dry lips. Do check here:
I have got three variants. They are:

Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender: Priced at 399 rupees
Cherry Blossom Flores: Priced at 399 rupees
Puerto Berry Blush: Priced at 499 rupees

I like the packaging of these lip balms, they look luxe and so pretty. These have slanted tip that really helps to apply the balm nicely over the lips. The balms are 14 g so the quantity is huge that way. These balms are rich in Tropical kokum and Mango butter. These will hydrate and soften the dry lips. These lip balms also contain essential oils like macadamia nut oil, castor oil, carrot seed oil etc which are immensely moisturizing for flaky lips. I like to use these at night to give my lips boost of moisture. These lip moisturizer are mildly sweet in taste hence if you lick it you won’t get a bad taste. 

1. Island Kiss Alma Vanilla & Inges Lavender

The mild lavender scent in this lip balm along with vanilla scent. This is a slightly pinkish but clear on the lips lip balm which gives a subtle shine on the lips. This can be used by the men as well as this is quite clear and gives proper moisturization to the dry flaky lips. 

2. Island Kiss Cherry Blossom Flores

This is nice sweet smelling and sweet in taste lip moisturizer which is pale pink in color though it doesn’t give too much color but I do not like this as this can leave a faint layer on the lips. This can be tried by girls who have naturally pink or red lips so that the pale color do not make the lips look washed out. When it comes to fragrance this is quite amazing and yummy as well but it’s just the pale color that makes me use it only during the night for just the hydration purpose. 

3. Island Kiss Puerto Berry Blush

This is my favorite as apart from a nice sweet scent, this has a pretty reddish tint. The tint is not long lasting but when you use it over the lisp, It feels so juicy and naturally red. The color though gets patchy when you talk. I take just a tiny amount and love the hydration this gives. This lip moisturizer is a cocktail of strawberry, raspberry, and blackcurrant which makes it juicy along with some artificial color. I really love this and would call it my personal favorite. The fruit scent is just amazing and hard to resist when you apply this.

Rating: 4 out of 5

I will give thumbs up for these lip balms as they are quite buttery, hydrating and moisturizing. I like these and would recommend these to the girls who would love to coat their lips with these immensely moisturizing balms which are not tested on animals and are 100% natural with no glutens, toxins etc. Packaging which is so cute yet luxe that it adds a new charm to these lip moisturizers.

Island Kiss Tropical Lip Moisturisers Review Reviewed by Niesha on 8:08 pm Rating: 5 Island Kiss Tropical Lip Moisturisers Review Hi Girls!! Juicier, pouty, tinted and supple. This is how I like my lips to be. I would ...


  1. The packing is so cute, I would love to try them.

  2. I've got to try out these lip balms. They sound amazing.

  3. Well written, detailed review.

  4. I've been eyeing them for so long! Will finally buy them


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