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Thursday 31 March 2016

Nirmala Franklin Every day Planner Orange Review

Nirmala Franklin Every day Planner Orange Review
Hi everyone!!
It’s always good to stay organized and for that I rely on a planner since I like to keep a tab of my activities, birthdays, billing dates, etc. It’s a fast paced life and it becomes impossible to remember each and everything. For eg the reviews, I will forget if I have reviewed a particular product yet or not or the time when I should post review of a particular product once I have tested it. These were the things that I wish to remember and this can vary from person to person right? I am going to talk about this new Planner in my life which is from Nirmala Franklin. Nirmala Franklin makes everyday planners in very interesting patterns and designs which you will surely like.

These planners are available in 5 different designs and each one of them is beautiful though the basics remain the same. I have this Orange planner. Isn’t that look beautiful!!
Price: These planners are for 1499 Rupees each.
Each of these planners has dimensions of 7.25” by 9.25” and includes 170 pages in total.
It has a very thick and transparent laminated cover. As soon as you open the planner, nice quotes welcome you then starts the yearly calendar and the planner according to the date. These are spirally binded planners. I also observed that on the edge of the pages where the holes are there is a thin lamination that will prevent the pages from getting torn when you flip the pages. I like this. This was thoughtful. 

Once the yearly planner ends, the expense section starts where you can keep a record of all the expanses. After that, there are contacts where you can add contact names, number, birthdays, address and Email address. We do most of these things in our phones but once the phone is lost we can lose all the contacts therefore keeping record on paper is a must for the important contacts.

Then there are blank pages of notes, where you can jot down random stuff, important dates, pointers etc. 

After the notes section, there is calendar for year 2017.
Now, starts my favorite section which is this sticker area. There are so many colorful tickers like Birthday, anniversary, payday, holiday, parlour etc. I loved them. There are blank stickers as well which you can customized on your own. 

There is a thick paper flap which can be used to put some important slips and papers. You also get a ziplock pouch where you can keep some more slip, receipts, papers, cards, visiting cards etc. So, that was it. I feel the planner has so many various things which can be quite helpful to stay organized and in control. When you use a planner then you kind of know what you have to do and how much work is left. You can make record of appointments, tasks to do etc and it will definitely give you peace of mind.
Nirmala Franklin Every day Planner Orange Review Reviewed by Niesha on 10:43 am Rating: 5 Nirmala Franklin Every day Planner Orange Review Hi everyone!! It’s always good to stay organized and for that I rely on a planner sin...


  1. The planner looks so colourful and useful at the same time.


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