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Tuesday 22 March 2016

Himalaya herbals Oil Free Gel Radiance Cream Review

Himalaya Gel Cream Oil Free Review

Hi everyone!! I am going to review a skin cream which I am using or testing currently, By the way, I am using this or the past 3 weeks now and love its gel like texture. This is also apart of the latest Himalaya Herbals premium skin care range. When I have got this I actually distributed it to everyone who needed them as per their skin concerns like my brother, brother in law, mum and me. So, let’s check out what this cream is all about and what this can do?    

Price: 250 rupees for 50g                            

About the product: Himalaya Herbals Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream is a light and non-greasy, daily-use gel cream that gently hydrates to give an oil-free radiant glow. It is a light gel textured cream enriched with special herbs that provides three essential benefits.
  • Absorbs quickly into skin
  • Hydrates skin
  • Gives skin a natural radiance

Key ingredients:
  • Barbary Fig contains polysaccharides that provide moisture.
  • Winter Melon exhibits antioxidant properties that keep skin healthy, protected and rejuvenated.
Directions for use:
Apply Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream gently over face and neck twice daily, after cleansing. For best results, use regularly.
Oil-Free Radiance Gel Cream is dermatologically tested, non-comedogenic, free of mineral oils and parabens, and hypoallergenic. 

Experience with Himalaya gel Oil Free Radiance Gel cream
The cream comes in a glass bottle with a green cap. I like the packaging of these new Himalaya skin care range but the only problem is the glass body as I am someone who accidentally drop things so that way, I always have to handle with care while working with glass containers. The cream is a very light weight, watery and gel like in texture which is true to its name. The gel texture or the gel formula which is oil free can be a great thing for oily skinned ones since we oily skinned ones have this problem of constant oiliness on all over the face or certain parts. For me my T zone is oily therefore I always use skin creams which are oil free and light. I have observed that I only need a little bit of this skin cream and it gets penetrated into skin nicely to give a dewy and radiant glow. 
My face start to show up oils after 3-4 hours therefore even after I apply anything or not, it starts secreting the oil after 3 hours or so, thus, that way the cream has not done anything which makes me feel that this has made my face oilier soon rather, It added a glow which was subtle. The cream has the extracts of Barbary fig which helps in nourishing and rejuvenating the skin.
After using this for 3 weeks and still continuing I can say that this has not given me break outs. I only had a tiny zit on my chin and that’s it. 

I like the feel and texture and the fact that oily to combination skinned people will like this. This can be a budget option as the product is 50 g and it needs a little bit of this cream so this will last around 2 months. 

Pros of Himalaya Oil Free Radiance Gel cream
Light texture which is oil free
Good for oily to combination skin
It has gel texture which gets absorbed in the skin
Gives subtle dewy finish
No breakout
Improves the skin texture (But proper exfoliation and cleansing is also needed on regular basis :D)
Easily available online and in shops
Paraben and Alcohol free
No extra greasiness or shine to the skin
Needs a little bit since its spread nicely on the skin

Cons of Himalaya Oil Free Radiance Gel cream
Not for dry skin in winters especially
Packaging require handling with care

Rating: 4 out of 5 

Himalaya Oil Free Radiance Gel cream is a very good to try option for the people with oily combination skin that needs some hydration but no greasiness. The light translucent texture helps to get into the skin easily and for a subtle glow.
Himalaya herbals Oil Free Gel Radiance Cream Review Reviewed by Niesha on 3:19 pm Rating: 5 Himalaya Gel Cream Oil Free Review Hi everyone!! I am going to review a skin cream which I am using or testing currently, By the way, ...

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  1. I am testing their day cream and the results are more or less same.


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