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Monday 1 February 2016

Organic Harvest Lip balm in Strawberry Review

Organic Harvest Lip balm in Strawberry Review
Hi everyone!!
I guess lip balms are one of the most used product especially when one struggles to keep their dry lips moist and supple. I like to try various lip balms and the newest addition in my lip balm stash is this cute EOS like lip balm from Organic Harvest. More than the lip balm or the actual product itself I was enticed by the packaging. Yes, we all have adored the EOS lip balm’s packaging and here we have a similar one from our Indian brand with herbal ingredients minus the parabens, PABA, mineral oils and animal ingredients. How amazing is that!! :D

Organic Harvest Lip balms are available in 4 exciting flavors like Pomegranate, Strawberry (the one that I have), Shea butter and Green apple.
These Organic Harvest Lip balms are priced at 149 rupees each which is their introductory price, I assume.

Experience with Organic Harvest Lip balm
The lip balm is enclose in a round ball shaped packaging with a flat bottom. You just need to twist the top part and there it reveals a dome shaped lip balm inside. To apply this just directly rub it over the lips and you are done. No dipping the finger tip into the pot and then smearing over the lips. That used to be one of the cons for the tub like lip balm packaging but not with this one.
The lip balm smells like strawberry but there isn’t too much of the scent, I think this is due to the fact that they have not added anything artificial therefore, it doesn’t exude too much of strawberry scent. The balm is more like a creamy pale in the pot and all the four flavors have the same colour of the balm just the outer packaging is different with their respective flavor and fragrance. 

The balm is smooth and has a satiny texture just like most of any other lip balm. I like the direct application thing a lot. The hydration given by this Organic Harvest Lip balm is good as when I used this at night while going to bed and considering my lips were dry and flaky, by the morning they were a lot moisturized and the flakiness wasn’t that bad which I got rid of with a lip scrub later. I am using it daily along with the other lip balms that I have. But I feel that as it doesn’t have any artificial colorants etc, I mostly use it at night to give just the nourishment and before using the lipstick over the dry lips. 

Pros of Organic Harvest Lip balm
Cute packaging that will definitely be liked by teenagers.
Moisturization provided was adequate and the presence of jojoba oil heals and repairs the dry lips.
No artificial colorants hence can be used by men as well. No it won't turn their lips pinkish
Suitable for both day and night time usage.

Cons of Organic Harvest Lip balm
Availability could have been better as I have not seen this brand in shops much but you can get these from online shopping sites.
Round packaging looks cute but if you would like to carry this in your pocket or in a tiny cutch then that won’t be a good idea.

Rating: 4 out of 5 

If you have been thinking of getting a cutesy round lip balm other than the regular packaging then Organic Harvest Lip balms can be tried for sure. They are affordable and very moisturizing. Their availability can be a problem at the moment but you can buy these from their official website

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Organic Harvest Lip balm in Strawberry Review Reviewed by Niesha on 4:32 pm Rating: 5 Organic Harvest Lip balm in Strawberry Review Hi everyone!! I guess lip balms are one of the most used product especially when one s...


  1. They have cute packing like EOS lip balm

  2. Perfect dupe for EOS balms...but glad to know it is moisturizing also..i would love to try it out...

  3. This lip balm sure sounds amazing. And the packaging is cute and a lot like EOS.


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