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Sunday 14 February 2016

Fab Bag Valentine’s Edition Love & Makeup Bag

Fab Bag Valentine’s Edition Love & Makeup Bag

Hi Everyone!!
How are you all doing?? A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you! What a day to unveil this cutesy bag by Fab bag which is so pretty that it truly justifies the Valentine’s Day theme. I was eagerly waiting for this month’s Fab bag since they have included some new makeup brands. And what else can a makeup junkie want. By the way, this would be my first Valentine after my wedding so, I am really looking forward to it. :D

Let’s see what is there in My Fab Bag this time:

Chamki Nail polish
I have seen this brand on online shopping sites but honestly, I didn’t like this color as the chunky glitters on a brownish base looks quite dull and boring. Definitely not my type. I wish I could have received a red or a gold color.

Just Herbs Coorgi Coffee Lip Smoothening salve
Loved this product.  I can never have enough of lip balms and lip products so, this is great. I used this and liked it. This costs 345 rupees for 8 g which means this is a full sized product. 

Spa Ceylon White Jasmine Facial Masque
I already have this White Jasmine facial masque in my shower. This has a clay base and jasmine extracts which makes the skin smoother and glowing. This costs 2150 for 100 g.

HIKARI Cosmetics Blush in Harvest
Wow!! This is the product that I loved in this month’s Love and Makeup Fab Bag. In fact, I was eager to see which HIKARI product will Fab Bag include in February bag as they have added HIKARI cosmetics too and after Sugar cosmetics, this is the brand that I would love to explore more. This costs 1000 rupees.

Livon Moroccan Silk Serum
I already had 3 packs of this serum which I had given to my sister and sister in law and one to my mum and here I have one more pack of this. Lovely!! I use serums when my hair feel rough and dry as hair serums can be extremely beneficial in making the hair manageable and  to reduce hair breakage.

So, did I like February Fab bag? 
Of course, I did!! Without even thinking, this is a "worth it" bag and what else one can ask for at the price paid. The red bag is extremely beautiful and perfect, considering valentine month. I think I can gift this bag to any of my acquaintances. What say? 

Have you subscribed for February Fab bag? If not and you would like to get these exciting products then I would say, Go now girls and subscribe for it here: http://www.fabbag.com/

Fab Bag Valentine’s Edition Love & Makeup Bag Reviewed by Niesha on 1:40 pm Rating: 5 Fab Bag Valentine’s Edition Love & Makeup Bag Hi Everyone!! How are you all doing?? A very Happy Valentine’s Day to you! What a d...


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  2. You have got some awesome stuff, the nail colour looks pretty.

  3. You've got some nice items. I'm eagerly waiting for my bag to come.


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