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Thursday 1 October 2015

My Shaving Experience with Gillette Venus for Women

My Shaving Experience with Gillette Venus
Hi girls, so now that the subscribe to smooth challenge has ended and I have been using this method of hair removal using Gillette Venus razor for women, I would like to share the experience in short once more. :) 
 It was a 30 day challenge but even before that I was using the same method and the brand so even if I did not take the challenge I had sufficient amount of experience to share.
This is easy and safe. There is no skin color change, patchiness or the thicker hair thing. They were just the myths which I have busted in my earlier posts as well. 

So, being someone who would frequently use this method. I will suggest you to try this out. But remember to exfoliate the skin on regular basis is since this could lead to ingrown hair which happens with waxing or the hair removal creams that we use. So, that is important. I shave 2 times in a week and exfoliate almost every day.

Coming to Gillette Venus Women’s razor. The razor color is pretty blue. The design and handle style is made with perfection to use it while the hands are wet so that the handle does not slip. The 3 blades on the shaver head makes sure that even the tiniest hair is taken off with ease. The head actually rotates therefore can be easily used over the contours like, elbows, knees etc.
My take on Hair removal creams
The reason why I don’t really like hair removal creams lies in the smell and the waiting time. Not just that when I am trying to spread the cream on the skin, it will not be even, doesn’t matter whether I do not with a spatula or the fingers. Due to this some of the hair strands will still be there or will not be removed at all. The waiting time is not for me. We generally get rid of the unwanted hair when we are going for office, work, date, party, and function etc so, those are the times when you simply don’t want to wait.

How to shave and shaving tips

Now, let me share some shaving tips and proper method to shave since there can be some of us who are still new to this method or have been doing certain things in incorrect way. These tips will enhance the shaving experience.
1. Don’t soak in the bath for too long before shaving - The skin will over-hydrate and swell slightly as it begins to absorb water. This will compromise the smoothness of the shave. The optimum time for a pre-shave soak is approximately one to two minutes
2. Do stretch and shave - The underarm skin and behind your knees is supple and flexible to allow movement at these jointed areas, which can make it harder to shave as the skin moves with the razor. To keep these areas as taut as possible for a cleaner shave, stretch your arm up and reach your hand behind your shoulder, and pull your leg straight.
3. Don’t apply too much pressure on your razor - A precision made female razor like Gillette Venus is designed to glide with minimum effort over the skin’s surface. Forcing the razor can end up leaving you with nicks
4. Don’t worry about direction – Modern razors are so effective that you can shave in any direction that feels comfortable to you. However the hairs on our underarm area grow in random directions so for a truly clean shaven feeling you need to work in a variety of directions also
5. Do leave fiddly bits until last - Ankles, back of knees and thighs are best dealt with as you get into the flow of a shave and are most in control of the razor
6. Do store your razor correctly - Store your razor in an upright position and somewhere dry. Do not leave it on the bath side in pools of water as this is a breeding ground for bacteria
7. Don’t rub your razor to try to clean it with brushes or towels simple rinsing should do the job - You could blunt the blade and damage the coatings - these blades are incredibly fine and you need that coating
After the shaving you also apply some aloe vera gel or some moisturizer. Make sure when you go out in the sun you apply sunscreen for no skin damage through UV rays.
Gillette Venus razor is available
If you have any question related to shaving do let me know on twitter with hashtag #SubscribeToSmooth @nieshajeenwal
You can buy the Gillette Venus razor here and the blades here.
Or get the Gillette Venus App on Facebook:
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