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Saturday 24 October 2015

Colour your Tresses this Festive Season #NoColourNoFashion

Get your Tresses Coloured this Festive season #NoColourNoFashion

Hi girls!!
Festive season is here, I am thrilled and excited to indulge in the festivities. Festivals are all about the joy, enjoyment, decorations and the traditional clothes. I like everything bout festivals. People decked up in their traditional wear looks beautiful. I loved to get decked up with my Indian wear, hair and makeup. This is why I have already colored my hair. The Black Cherry that I used from L’Oreal Paris casting Crème Gloss, is a beautiful reddish brown color which looks beautiful when the light falls, I am sure, it’s going to look even prettier when the decorative lights and rays of earthen lamps will fall over them. 

My cousin who used the shade Chocolate is loving the rich and vibrant darker shade on her hair as earlier her hair was slightly lightish brown which looked faded and shine less, I think the color suits her beautifully. :)

This is not the first time, I used black cherry earlier as well I have used this same color. Last year, during festive time, I had used Iced chocolate. Ooh, I just realized my hair is longer now and thicker. Perfect.
If, you girls are still wondering about hair coloring yourself then I will advise you to go for it. Choose a shade which is near to your actual hair color. 
Quick way to use L'Oreal Paris Casting creme Gloss
Using the L’Oreal Paris casting crème gloss is extremely easy. 

  • All you have to do is to Mix the colourant and developer in the nozzled bottle that you receive in the pack. 
  • Wear the gloves and cut open the nozzle of the developer. 
  • The nozzled bottle is extremely helpful in spreading the color all over the hair. 
  • The color takes about 25-30 minutes to develop. 
  • This is easy to get rinsed off. The color that is smudged on the skin gets wiped off with water and soap quickly.  
  • After the hair color rinsing you can apply the hair conditioner that comes along to give the hair a rich look and smoother feel.

After the wash, the color looks beautiful and rich other than that the hair also feels lustrous and a lot smoother. The royal jelly conditioner that is applied after the wash gives further boost to the smoothness and softness. 

If you are hesitant about coloriong the hair then you can try with this and explore the trendy side of yours and be fashionable this festive season. #NoColorNofashion 
By the way dearies, I am thinking of coloring few streak in lighter shades, I am going try this experiment after Diwali. :)
Colour your Tresses this Festive Season #NoColourNoFashion Reviewed by Niesha on 2:23 pm Rating: 5 Get your Tresses Coloured this Festive season #NoColourNoFashion Hi girls!! Festive season is here, I am thrilled and excited to indu...


  1. The slight cherry tint looks nice on you. Very pretty.

  2. Simple yet Beautiful makeup. I love that blush!

  3. I love these shades of hair! I have lightened my hair color, but I'm sure I'll go back to brunette again.

    Have a great month dear Niesha!!!


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