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Thursday 1 October 2015

Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser Review

Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser Review

Hi everyone!! Recently when I reviewed My envy Box, I informed you that I got this mini sample of Za total hydration foamy Cleanser with vitamin E. I already received a full sized sample from Za and I told you that I liked this cleanser. 
Well, I have always said that I generally do not like foamy cleansers since I find them to be drying for combination skin and even before I used it I had the same notions. By the way, this cleanser has won the Vogue Beauty Awards 2015 as well. 

Price: Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser is for rupees 299 and is available online at

Experience with Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser
Za has so far laughed 3 ranges of skin care in India. ZaTrue white which I have already reviewed (all the products launched in India) then there was Perfect solutions which I have reviewed as well. Now Za had launched the Total hydration range. The last product I reviewed was ZaTotal Hydration Amino mineral gel which was just perfect for oily combination skin.

Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser comes in a pink tube pack. Packaging is practical and user friendly. The foaming cleanser has a very subtle and mild refreshing fragrance. It’s cream-ish in color with blue crystals. The crystal actually gets dissolved when you rub the cleanser on the face. 

I like that even if I take just half a pea size of this cleanser then too this will give adequate rich creamy lathers which will cleanse the face thoroughly. This is the main feature which I liked about this. The other thing, I was concerned about the dryness that foaming cleansers can cause, but since this has vitamin E, I had not faced anything like that. To use this, I will take tiny blob of this and would rub on my palms. Then massage the cleanser for 10-12 seconds on my face. Then wash it off. As soon as I splash water, then cleanser gets washed off easily this is a common characteristic of foaming cleansers.

After the wash, this makes the face slightly brighter since the oils and sebum is removed. I also use this after removing my makeup with a makeup remover or with Miceller water.
After using this my skin stays oil free for a couple of hours which I think is good and I actually like Za True white face wash as well which used to keep the face fresh looking.
I did not face any problems with this Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser and it’s been more than 3 weeks I have been using this. I like that the quantity required is easy therefore, the price of 299 INR is justified that way.

Who will like this Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser?
I will recommend this to boys and girls with oily to combination skin. For dry skin this may not be the best choice even though this doesn’t make the face stretchy or dries out but I think dry skinned people will need little extra moisture content in their face washes or cleansers.

Rating: 4 out of 5 (Availability can be an issue if someone wants to buy it from the store or counter. Price is not a problem as I said little bit is enough and this has a shelf life of 3 years so totally justified its price)

PR Sample: Review is unbiased as well!!
Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser Review Reviewed by Niesha on 8:45 pm Rating: 5 Za Total Hydration Foamy Cleanser Review Hi everyone!! Recently when I reviewed My envy Box, I informed you that I got this mini sample...


  1. I love The Body Shop's Vitamin E cleanser. This one sounds impressive too <3

  2. Sounds like a fairly good face wash. I haven't tried Za products, where would you recommend I start.


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