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Tuesday 22 September 2015

Dr. Batra’s Three New Face Washes Review, Price and Experience

Dr. Batra’s Three New Face Washes Review

Hi everyone!!
I will be reviewing the newly launched Dr. Batra’s face washes. I wasn't well therefore, posting after so many days. These are 3 new face washes i.e. 
Dr. Batra’s Instant glow face wash with turmeric 
Dr. Batra’s  Acne Clear Face Wash for with neem 
Tulsi and Dr. Batra’s  Moisturizing face wash with aloe vera
When these face washes arrived as sample. I was already loaded with couple of face cleansers therefore, I distributed these to my acquaintances, brother and all according to their skin types and the review is based on that. :)
 I too have used the one that my brother used which is the Acne clear face wash with Neem & Tulsi, since we both have oily combination acne prone skin.

These face washes are for 175 rupees each for 100 g tube pack. By the way, aren’t the tubes looking enticing. :)

Dr. Batra’s  Instant glow face wash with Turmeric

This face wash has a nice fresh smell which isn’t too much just a faint whiff of refreshing scent. This needs to be taken only in a pea sized amount and this will be able to produce adequate creamy lather to get rid of the dirt, dust on the face. 
This has turmeric in it but that doesn’t mean that this will leave a yellow stain rather it leaves the skin glowing. The skin feles moisturized and not dry or stretchy. This is good for normal skin though this says that this can be tried by all skin types. Turmeric is good as that has anti bacterial and antiseptic properties therefore people with mild skin problems can use this.

Dr. Batra’s  Acne Clear Face wash with Neem and Tulsi

I loved this face wash and this is the one that me and my brother used. Ours is acne prone skin and also the fact that I like neem, Tulsi tea tree etc in my face wash since they work well for oily skin that is prone or susceptible to pimples. I am already getting few pimples on my chin, therefore, this is ideal for the current state of my skin. 
This too has a refreshing smell but not that strong. I will just take a little bit of this and this will produce rich lathers that cleanses the skin well. I like that this will not leave the skin slimy or extremely dry. I used this for 2 weeks then I had to move on to test a new face wash but my brother is still using this. He says that he liked that this will not make the skin stretchy post the wash. This actually has reduced the pimples on his face. I too have the same thoughts on this. I will recommend this to boys and girls who like to use face wash containing neem, Tulsi etc for their acne prone skin.

Dr. Batra’s Moisturizing Face Wash with Aloe Vera
I like aloe vera for its skin healing properties. This was used by my mom and she has a mature dry skin. She says that the face wash makes the skin feel supple and nourished. Moreover she will not need a lot of product. This is the feature that is same in all three of them that you didn't need lot of product. Just a pea sized amount will be enough for the face cleansing.
I will also say the same for this since I had tried this once to test and this was quite hydrating. I liked the gel texture of these cleansers. This face wash with aloe vera can be even used by people who have got extremely sensitive skin that gets red or have rashes already. This is safe to be used. This cleanses well without leaving the face dry but provides with hydration, it doesn’t mean that this will give sliminess, the suppleness is there.

Final thoughts: All those people who have used these face washes including me, have good things to say about them and practically there was nothing that anyone complained about. I like the acne clear one for my skin type.
The only problem I think is that some of you who are in college or try using cheaper face washes then they may feel that the price is a little high for a 100 g face wash tube, but these are also available in smaller tubes as well so to test them you can try the small packs.
PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Dr. Batra’s Three New Face Washes Review, Price and Experience Reviewed by Niesha on 12:18 am Rating: 5 Dr. Batra’s Three New Face Washes Review Hi everyone!! I will be reviewing the newly launched Dr. Batra’s face washes. I wasn't w...


  1. These face washes seem decent. I like some Dr.Batra products. Will buy the smaller tube to try! Great review! :) xx

  2. Nice..specially the turmeric one..i'd love to try.

  3. I would like to try acne face wash

  4. I haven't tried Dr. Batras face washes, but these seem nice. Interested the acne face wash.


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