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Friday 2 October 2015

Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review

Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review
Hi everyone!!
I will review Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum. When it comes to hair loss and hair fall, the situation can be quite stressful since none of us would like to lose the crowning glory. I used to have extremely thick hair but now the volume is only one third left. It is still normal in comparison with other people, that's what my mum says but, I know the stress that one experiences when the hair strands fall. I got this Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum more than 2 months ago and honestly, this is the product for which I took the longest time to test and review. But I am not the one who used this, rather I gave this to one of my acquaintances who was the perfect candidate to test the product. :) He was my uncle, he was suffering from hair loss and all he wanted the growth of new hair strands. 

These days, I am so busy that I hardly find time to use even a face pack, therefore, I could not use the product.

So, let’s start the review based on is views.
Price: Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum is for rupees 550 rupees for 125 ml.

Experience with Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum
This Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum comes in a plastic bottle with a pump at the top. I liked that they have given a pump guard over that so that this can be easy to travel with, without thinking much about the leakage since the product is not that inexpensive.
Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum is enriched with ginseng, I have heard a lot about this natural ingredient which has anti aging and hair growth benefits. Other than that this has capsicum and Pisum sativum extracts. Pisum sativum is commonly known as pea (recalled the genetics lessons from college).

The hair vitalizing serum is a pale brownish colored watery liquid which smells like herbs. I actually used this 2 times to get a feel of the product. I find this to be very easy to use.

How to use: I just had to remove the pump guard at the top and spray. Before spraying I sectioned the hair and sprayed it directly over the scalp. This can be done on the entire scalp or on the places balding is seen. Like in men balding there is a pattern and generally it will be from either the center or from the sides near the temples, so this has to be sprayed over that.
Then a gentle massage is needed. This doesn’t feel heavy or anything. This isn’t greasy and after the application, it feels like water is applied so, won’t feel that the hair is getting oily. Night time is the best time to use this. 

The natural ingredients in this Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum will boost the blood circulation and removes the clogging of the hair follicles.
So, my uncle used this for around 1 and half months and he said that the product is good and all natural. The hair fall that he had has reduced to some extent but there was no visible sign of new hair growth.
I think that the product will need some more time or may be this depends from person to person, but he was happy about the hair fall controlling part. 

I still wonder that this can be used by people who are facing the hair fall and hair loss. This bottle will last for 2 months approximately as he said that there is still some product left in the bottle will can last for 2 weeks more. I think that way, the price is okay but I am still not sure 
about the hair regrowth thing.

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum is good to curb the hair fall and to make the hair texture better. This boost the blood circulation in the scalp which is why the hair looks more nourished and shinier but the claims about the hair regrowth has not been come into effect yet and the product was used for more than 45 days.

PR sample though the review is unbiased as always!!
Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review Reviewed by Niesha on 3:28 pm Rating: 5 Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum Review Hi everyone!! I will review Dr. Batra’s Hair Vitalizing Serum. When it comes to hair loss...


  1. I have this and I really love it! My hairfall did become less and my hair has become slightly thicker! :) Great review xx


  2. I think I will give this a try look as how lustrous your hair looks.. Thanks for sharing this :)

  3. I suffer from hair loss. Partially hereditary, the rest stress, diet and more. I can say one thing from experience, hair growth is a slow process. Be patient, follow the steps and you will slowly see results.


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