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Sunday 2 August 2015

Tips & Toes Liquid Eyeliner Black Review and FOTD

Tips & Toes Liquid Eyeliner Black Review
Hi girls,
Happy Friendship's Day!! :) <3
I am reviewing a liquid eyeliner after such a long time. Even though we have moved into gel eyeliner phase but still the traditional liquid eyeliners have their own charm. I will review this Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner in black. This eyeliner was sent to me recently and I liked using a liquid eyeliner after a such a really long time. So let’s check out how the product is. :) 

Price of Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner: This is for 400 rupees.

Experience with Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner
This Tips &Toes Liquid Eyeliner comes in a tiny conical tube with a really long handle. I have seen such packing with a lot of eyeliners. This eyeliner has a thick applicator and I am still trying to figure out what the tip is made up of, since this is not the regular bristled tip. But rather bit hard tip. This is flexible but not much which is one point that I didn’t like. I can apply this with ease but since I know a lot for people still struggle with liquid eyeliner application so for them such a tip will be slightly not so user friendly. The eyeliner is a jet black in color, which impressed me. The formula is not watery but once it dries it looks so jet black and little shiny. The shine is not too glossy but a shine that gives a nice rich black hue. 

This is thick and not watery. I have used some eyeliners which once gets dry, turns slightly grayish but this stays as black as this is when I used this on my eyes. I loved the richness of black pigment in this. As you can see in the pictures even after the flash photography, it appears quite dark.

This stay on my eyes the entire day so, staying power wise this is really good. As this is a liquid eyeliner I did not expect this to be waterproof. But this is waterproof in way that if I am not rubbing this it will stay there. Like if I get drenched in rain or if I splash my face with water and gently dab many face dry then this will stay and will not smudge.

For a liquid eyeliner this is a good product. There are 2 points that bother me which I have summarized below:

Good about Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner

  • Packing is good
  • Good pigmentation
  • Staying span is very good
  • This gets dry quickly as compared with other liquid eyeliners
  • Does not change the color once this gets dry

Not so good about Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner
  • Price is a bit high for a liquid eyeliner
  • The tip should have been more flexible
  • Availability is a big issue as I have not seen this brand online or in shopping malls. I will suggest the brand to make this available online so that more and more people get to try their product. :)

Take: Tips and Toes Liquid Eyeliner has a good rich black pigmentation that stays on the eyes all day long. This is decently waterproof and rub-proof. 
PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Tips & Toes Liquid Eyeliner Black Review and FOTD Reviewed by Niesha on 2:58 pm Rating: 5 Tips & Toes Liquid Eyeliner Black Review Hi girls, Happy Friendship's Day!! :) <3 I am reviewing a liquid eyeliner after s...


  1. you are so good at liquid liner!
    I have been watching you write now and then on Tips and Toes products…but yea..availability is an issue
    I would love to use them if I ever get a chance

  2. I like that this dries quickly. There is nothing more annoying than waiting and waiting for it to finish drying!

  3. Oh it seems quite long wearing that really nice. Loved your FOTD, nice :)
    Am hosting an International Giveaway on blog..come join in :)

  4. Hate those liners that just dont dry and end up ruining your look by smudging .. Glad this is not one of them

    Chic Peachy Pink | Instagram | Twitter | BlogLovin'

  5. It looks VERY pigmented! Beautiful FOTD Niesh..

  6. I like such tip of eyeliners. I'm not much comfortable with bristled tips. Eyeliner is good but price is a bit high.


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