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Friday 28 August 2015

Sigma Beauty Products: New Addition in my Vanity

Sigma Beauty Products: New Addition in my Vanity

Hi girls!!
Recently Sigma Beauty had sent these awesome goodies for me to try out. This kit consists of Sigma brushes, 5 of them, a lip base, a blush and an eye shadow. There is one brush cleansing glove as well. I am totally drooling over the eye shadow since this is absolutely beautiful with the tiny sparkly glitters in it. Let me tell you what all I have got since I am really excited to try them out and most importantly they arrive at the right time, I need some of the new makeup brushes and here they are. :)

So, let’s check out the stuff that I have got. 

Sigma 3D HD Kabuki brush
I loved this brush since the design of this kabuki brush is not the typical flat topped but it has a pointed edge. This brush can be used for foundation application nicely and by using the flat side, this can be even tried under the eyes. This brush is currently top seller from Sigma. This is for $24 (approx 1500 rupees), get this here. This is very flexible and has soft bristles. This is worth investing in. 

Sigma 3D HD Precision brush
This brush is exactly a mini me version of Sigma 3D HD Kabuki brush. This costs $19. This can be used for multiple purposes like highlighting, nose contouring or even for the under eye concealer application.

Sigma E54 Medium sweeper
E54 gives a controlled eyelid application on the eyelids. Really good for the placement and dabbing the eyelid color. This is for $14. This is available here.

Sigma E55 Eye Shading brush
This is a mini eye shading brush. I like mini brushes since they can be easily carried in a clutch bag or while you are flying for vacations. This is for $14.

Sigma E39 Buff and blend brush
This is one of my favorites since I already have the sigma blending brush which is good to blend the crease color but as this is smaller in size so this is easier to blend the color without diffusing this too much. This is ideal for daily usage.

Sigma Eye shadow
This sigma eye shadow is in the shade fawn and this is a truly magical color. This is more like a taupe color but the unique thing is its glitters, which is not gritty but very fine and adds a very glamorous effect in the eyes. This is something that can be used over the eyes for a chic night time makeup look. This is also great for inner corner highlighting. This costs $12.

Sigma Blush Heavenly
Sigma blush in the shade heaven. This is priced at $12. Heavenly is a matte peachy color which is a very natural looking color.

Sigma Lip Base
Sigma lip base is used to line the lips and to fill them in. I tried it and thankfully the color is a deep reddish magenta color which I like. This is for $12. The texture and formula is quite hydrating and can also be worn on its own. Available here.

Sigma Spa Express Brush Cleansing Glove
I have seen this glove used by a lot of international vloggers. Brush cleansing is a vital step in enhancing the shelf life of your brushes and to keep them clean of course. This is made up of rubber and has got texture that helps to clean the brushes to take off all the makeup residue, being gentle at the same time. This is priced at $25. Available here

So, these were the goodies that I have received from sigma beauty. I will be reviewing the full detailed reviews soon.
Sigma Beauty Products: New Addition in my Vanity Reviewed by Niesha on 11:40 pm Rating: 5 Sigma Beauty Products: New Addition in my Vanity Hi girls!! Recently Sigma Beauty had sent these awesome goodies for me to try out. T...


  1. That eyeshadow looks super pretty!! And this cleaning glove is something new to me, waiting eagerly to read about your experience with it :)

  2. That is a load of shopping girl!

  3. lovely collection... would definitely check out the cleansing glove it looks very interesting to me :)

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  4. wow.....nice collection dear.....xoxoxo....:)

  5. Everything looks absolutely amazing. I have heard good things about that cleaning mitt. I really want to try it!

  6. Wow everything looks so elegant!!!

  7. wow..... waiting for your fotds with these :)

  8. That shimmery eye shadow looks so beautiful... would love to see you doing a eye makeup tutorial on that !


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