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Tuesday 4 August 2015

Red Carpet Makeup Look with July Fab Bag

Hi girls!!
Today, I am sharing this Red Carpet Makeup Look with July Fab Bag. I was really excited with the July Fab Bag's products since most of them were makeup related products. I loved the eyeliner and the red lip color from Bella Pierre in Ruby Red. 

I created this look using the Sugar liquid eyeliner and did a winged eyeliner. I like winged eyeliner look with red lips as this is one of the most classy combinations which is very vintage looking yet has this modern charm to it. This combination can go with any dress, be it Indian wear or a little black dress, cocktail gown etc. 

In fact, red lips with winged eyeliner  along with some neutral eye shadow can  be paired with every dress color like red, black, white etc. Okay, so here are the July Fab Bag Contnets.

I started with washing my ace with the Aroma fairness Anti tan face wash and then used their fairness daily scrub. I liked that as the tiny granules kind of gave a polishing effect on the skin.
I used this Sugar eye liner in black swan which is a glossy looking jet black eyeliner. You must be thinking that I posted this picture for Tips & toes eyeliner as well. This is because the 2 eyeliners were almost the same jet black color. So, since I don't have to review the Sugar eyeliner or test its features therefore, I used the sugar one on the other eye. Yeah, it seems funny but I wanted to use sugar black swan too for this look. :) I loved the way this eyeliner glides and have a sleek long handle for easy application.

Have a look at the eyemakeup up close now. Excuse my untamed brows. I was really busy to tweeze them . :P I like smokey neutral eye makeup since that goes really well with every complexion and outfit.

I loved the Bella Pierre Ruby Red lipstick. It has this very glossy and molten lip color like texture which is truly beautiful and hydrating. 

I used the regular products that I use for contouring, foundation, mascara etc but for this look the blush is MUA fashionista Blush in Blushing Coral. This does not look coral from anywhere rather looks pink. I completely forgot that a blush like this exists in my vanity but I stumbled on it while searching for an eyeshadow brush so used that and I think I am going to stick to it for some time. :)

On my eyes, I used the medium warm brown eyeshadow that I always use for the crease and on the eyelids it is a taupe eye shadow with a golden brow bone highlighter.I kept the eye makeup simple as I was about to pair that with a red lips so going neutral was better.

For the hair I curled them slightly to give them a wavy look. I like big curls so did that for this red carpet look. By the way, I also used the Vana Vidhi Shimmer body lotion, to make the skin shiny, I liked the shimmers in it. I really makes a difference and when the light falls on the skin, the light reflective particles shines to adds a glow on the skin.

So, that was it dearies. Hope you liked the look. :)

Red Carpet Makeup Look with July Fab Bag Reviewed by Niesha on 4:49 pm Rating: 5 Hi girls!! Today, I am sharing this Red Carpet Makeup Look with July Fab Bag . I was really excited with the July Fab Bag's products s...


  1. Pretty! I always think you look fabulous with any tone of red lipstick and also your hair looks fabulous!

  2. you look great... loved the bag.. :)

  3. You look really beautiful <3 Loved your eyes <3

  4. You look beautiful! Love your eye makeup Niesha <3


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