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Monday 17 August 2015

Mederma Skin Cream for Scars Review and First Impression

Mederma Skin Cream for Scars Review

Hi everyone!!
All of us want flawless and blemish free face and body. But when there are some scars and marks on our face or on the prominent areas of the body, they can make us conscious. Marks can be burn marks, cuts, acne pimple scars, surgery marks or any minor injury. I will review this Mederma skin cream for scars today. 

While I was reading some details about this cream, I noticed that this has been formulated with onion extracts. My mum is using this cream and it’s been around 4 weeks so, this review is based on her experienced with this product.

About the product: Mederma brings this Skin Care for Scars to give that beautiful skin.
This remove Scars in 8 weeks
You need not wait for long to get rid of those scars, as this Mederma Skin Care diminishes the scars on your skin within 8 weeks.
Helps Scars Resulting from -Surgery, Injury, Burns, Acne, Stretch marks
The active ingredients in this cream help reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks, acne, and burns. This cream also treats scars resulting from surgery and injuries.
Formulated with Cepalin Botanical Extracts
The cepalin botanical extracts treat the acne on your skin and also soften your skin in the most unique way.
Improves color, Texture and Overall Appearance of Scars
This cream not only diminishes the appearance of scars but also improves the color and texture of your skin.
Greaseless Topical Gel
This cream evenly spreads on your skin and does not make your skin look oily, as it is a greaseless topical gel.

Experience with Mederma skin cream

Mederma is referred as a skin cream but in fact this is more like a gel, which is a translucent pale color gel. This has a skin cream like scent to it. Not too much but pleasant smell.
Mederma skin cream claims to show results in the surgery, injury, acne and stretch marks and scars. As I said that my mum was using this cream. Actually there was a mark above her knee that was due to some burn. It was an old scar so, I knew that it may take time for any product to work. 

How to use Mederma skin cream:  
This skin cream/gel has to be applied 3-4 times in a day, daily for 2 months for relatively new scars and for old scars this has to be used 3-4 times daily for 3-6 months.

As her scars was an old scar. So, she has been trying this cream 2-3 times in day. At times it will be 4 times or at other times it will be just once in a day. It happens when she is busy and forgets to reapply this. As this is a gel cream, a little bit of this product is enough for a coin sized scar.
There is no irritation that she has faced all these weeks. After using this for 4 weeks, she says that there is some noticeable difference though the scar is still there. I think it needs to be used for at least 3-4 months for some more improvements. 

I had no acne scars on my face but recently, I has these 4-5 acne scars on my face which has been really irritating me as while taking pictures for FOTDs or photo shoots, I had to use concealers or change angles of my face. :( 
So, for the past few days, I am also using this cream and I am keeping a tab on how long it will take for those new acne scars to get faded completely. I like that this has a gel texture which is non greasy so, I can simply apply this gel on my face. But I don’t use that on the entire areas but just on the scar and massage lightly. I apply this daily at night. So far there is no irritation or allergies. Mild redness was there.

I will update you soon on how long Mederma skin cream takes for the acne scars to lighten them. And also will update you the difference that my mum notices after using this for 1-2 months more.:)
I already have photos of my "before" picture,  and after 1 month I do again do a post on that since acne scars are also a big problems for many girls and boys who have acne prone skin.

I am not rating this product currently as I wanted you to know about this. Even though my mum faced some difference, it will be good if I do a post after a month with some more evidences. :) Right?

But nevertheless, the first impression for Mederma scar cream was promising; the only thing that bothered me was its price. This was 700 rupees 20 g and 385 for 10 g, but if this works that I guess price will not be that problem.

PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!

Mederma Skin Cream for Scars Review and First Impression Reviewed by Niesha on 2:40 pm Rating: 5 Mederma Skin Cream for Scars Review Hi everyone!! All of us want flawless and blemish free face and body. But when there are some sca...


  1. Thank God for a Madera review..will be awaiting your results.
    I really do want to try out this as I have heaps of acne scars :(
    fingers crossed for results

  2. This sounds great for burn or other accidental marks. I ll keep it in mind!!!

  3. It sounds pretty impressive, hope this works well for you!!

  4. so cool, can't wait to see the before and after pictures. want to see how well it actually work. heard positive reviews a long time ago.


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