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Tuesday 25 August 2015

Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Fuchsia Flare and Red Rush Review, Price Swatches

Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Fuchsia Flare and Red Rush Review, Price Swatches

Hi girls, Today is a lipstick review post that I will be doing. These Maybelline Color show lipsticks were launched around an year ago and recently I was being sent these 2 lipsticks. I have already reviewed 3 of these Color show lipsticks so now its time to review 2 more shades. I have the shades like fuchsia flare and Red Rush
I must say that this lipstick range has given yet another good affordable range of lipsticks to choose from. These are just for 299 rupees so girls who are on a budget can try more and more color. When the price is less and the quality is great as well then there is nothing that one can ask for. But, are these Colorshow lipsticks worth having let’s find this out.

Price of Maybelline color show lipsticks: These Maybelline lipsticks are priced for 299 rupees and online you can get them as cheap as 240 INR during the sale season online like on

Experience with Maybelline color show lipsticks

These Maybelline color show lipsticks come in black plastic packaging with colorful bands in the middle that gives an idea of the color inside the tube. I liked the packaging. This is decent and sturdy. So, let me take up both shade one by one. By the way, the 3 shades I has reviewed earlier were quite glossy and has sheer pigmentation which can be a plus point for some while some may want them to be more pigmented. The texture of those 3 shades were pretty amazing and glossy that can be used daily but I was surprised that these 2 shades are far more pigmented yet creamy and moisturizing. Anyways, Let me describe the colors first dearies. :)

1. Maybelline color show lipstick Fuchsia Flare Review

This is a hot pink fuchsia color that one would love to sport as such colors are very much in trend for the past couple of years. I love such colors as they can brighten the face instantly. The only thing that I feel is that this shade may look slightly harsh on the duskier skin tone while on medium or fair skin colors this color will look lovely as the slight coolness can be carried well by the medium to fair skin.

I need 2 swipes of this color to get a good pigmentation that is rich and opaque in finish. This has a very glossy and creamy texture which will not make the lips dry at the end of the day.

2. Maybelline color show lipstick Red Rush Review

Raise your hands dearies, who all love reds? I have already raised my hand, :) in fact my hand stays always in that position whenever I come across a red color. My heart goes out and screams a big YESSS. Anyways, too much of the excitement that doesn’t seem to settle down.  :)

Red Rush is a glossy red which is a pure red with no undertones like pink, orange tones etc. I like the finish which is very satiny and glossy . For this as well I just need 2 swipes for a good rich vibrant color pay off. In fact, I find that except for the shade, these 2 lipsticks share the exact same characteristics like pigmentation, staying span, hydration creaminess etc. 
Therefore, I will club both of their features in my pros and cons part of the review.

Now, let me sum up the pros and cons of these Maybelline Colorshow lipsticks

Pros of Maybelline color show lipsticks

Price is affordable and available should not be a problem as these Maybelline lipsticks are readily available on Maybelline counters.
They are light on the lips and has a very smooth texture.
They don’t have matte finish but rather creamy glossy finish.
Both the colors are rich and vibrant that can be tried for so many Indian functions, occasion and festivals or can be teamed up with the western wear effortlessly.
Red rush is a universal color. I just felt that Fuchsia flare can be too much for duskier skin tone but I am not sure so, you can try to figure it out dearies.
The creaminess of these lipsticks will not make the lips dry
They leave a faint stain on the lips so that you are not left without the lip color once this gets completely wiped off.
Loved the shade selection that they have. Great trendy color which will cater to every age group I must say.

Cons of Maybelline color show lipsticks

Honestly, I can’t think about any con for these lipsticks as the pigmentation and everything is just great for the price. I only think that due to the creamy texture they can bleed a little bit.
secondly, If you love matte lipsticks then these are not for you due to their glossy and creamy texture.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Maybelline color show lipsticks are available in various trendy bright chic shades, some of them are vivid, bright, neutral or the colors that can be worn daily. The pigmentation of these 2 colors are good so does the staying span. The creaminess will won’t leave the lips dry or flaky. I would recommend them if you need lipsticks which are cheaper then 300 bucks and have got good quality and shades.

PR sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Fuchsia Flare and Red Rush Review, Price Swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 2:10 pm Rating: 5 Maybelline Color Show Lipsticks Fuchsia Flare and Red Rush Review, Price Swatches Hi girls, Today is a lipstick review post that I will...


  1. I too loved both shades especially red rush!!!

  2. I like the shade Fuchsia Flare..Nice review...Love the pics...:):)

  3. Both the shades are very pretty. I have Fuschia Flare and it suits me well.


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