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Wednesday 8 July 2015

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 Review

Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 Review

Hi Girls!!
I will review a new product from Za today. I have used all the products from this brand ever since they were launched in India and I will repeat this that their products have not failed to impress me for my oily and combination skin. It is really tough to get products for oily combination skin but Za true white range products (most of the products) suit oily combination skin. This Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is their new launch and it is water based. yaay!!
I was quite happy to see that the foundation is water based and considering my skin type and the weather here in Delhi, this is the perfect choice for the oily combination skinned girls. 

Price of Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation: This foundation costs rupees 700 for 30 ml bottle.You can buy this from here  
Let me tell you one interesting thing. This foundation has an expiry date of 2020, that means after 5 years. I have never seen a cosmetic or makeup product that has that much of shelf life. Great

Brand Claims: This Shine free and transparent finish Foundation is 100% oil-free water based and is suitable for all skin types. Ideal for the Indian climate this long lasting illuminating Liquid Foundation gives a natural and rosy glow to the skin instantly while emanating light from within. Enriched with deeply moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E that makes skin even toned and clear. Its SPF 17-PA++ protects skin from UVA and UVB.

Experience with Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation
Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation comes in a very small bottle that can be easily slipped in a small clutch and the mouth of the bottle has a nozzle like shape. I like such nozzle like shape which makes the usage a lot easier and hygienic. These Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundations are available in 6 shades. I got OC30 which is a shade that will perfectly match with fair to medium skin tone which we generally refer as wheatish complexion here in India.

The consistency of this foundation is very watery therefore it is extremely easy to blend with the fingers or with a brush. I like using a flat top brush for my foundation application. It is because flat top brush will fill up the pores for an air brush like finish and also even application of the product.
I like keeping my foundation light thus I take only a pea sized drop of this liquid foundation which is enough to cover the face and the neck. I like thin layer over my face since my skin doesn’t have too many flaws and marks at the moment, therefore, I can manage with a thin layer of this foundation just to make the skin look better and even toned. It doesn’t feel heavy on the face.
In fact, I tried applying a second layer just to observe how it fares.So, when I layered this foundation. It was able to cover the flaws and marks decently and still the heaviness and cakeyness wasn’t there. I feel this is a plus point of this foundation. 
Blending this is super easy due to its water based formula which also won’t clog the pores thus is a very good option for women with acne prone skin. I also used this Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation to cover some darkness over my eyelids or as an eyeshadow base, there too it fared well.

It stays for the entire day but oil/sebum starts to show up on on the oily areas, then the patchiness can be detected, which I cover up with either blotting sheets or with compacts. It is not a waterproof formula so, when I sweat, the foundation will not drip down but will be on the tissue or face towel that we use to wipe off the sweat. It also contains SPF 17 which is good for protection against UV rays. Even though the foundation is water based and would cater to oilier skin types but it can also be used by the girls with dry skin as the formula isn’t drying, it’s just that the formula of this Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation isn’t greasy thus if you have dry skin then apply the suitable moisturiser and then layer this foundation over that to get a good finish and coverage.

For me it is a really awesome foundation for daily wear and I think if I use it daily, it will last for about 2 months which also makes this cost effective as little bit is good for everyday use. 

Rating: 4 out of 5
Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation is a really affordable, easy to blend foundation that gives a natural matte finish and glow to the skin without being heavy on the face. The water based formula is suitable for all skin types even the sensitive skin types. It doesn’t feel cakey even if it is layered. For dry skin, moisturization would be needed before applying this foundation. SPF 17 gives sun protection.
PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 Review Reviewed by Niesha on 2:06 pm Rating: 5 Za Perfect Fit Liquid Foundation OC30 Review Hi Girls!! I will review a new product from Za today. I have used all the products from...


  1. lovely product for oily skin ppl :) nice review dear

  2. wow this foundation looks so good :) U looking nice :)

  3. Good to know that it is suitable for oily skin-types. The staying power must be a dud for me as I sweat a lot. Loved your review, Niesha :)

    1. Yes it is dear. I agree it isn't that sweat proof. Thank you hun .:)

  4. Apt for oily skin people like me.. would give it shot !

  5. Oh I'm so glad to see that you love this too! I have their other foundation and just recently got this one! Love them both and also their concealer and also their pressed powder which has been my holy grail for 5 years now! I like how the consistency is light but the coverage is good enough for everyday and it feels light but stays put in hot weather!

    1. I so agree with you dear. I like to use it daily too. :)

  6. 5 years!!! 5!!
    That is a long time yaar ..gotta try..

  7. Lovely review.. being a light water based foundation it sounds lovely for everyday wear.. :)


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