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Thursday 16 July 2015

Unsaid Wish Comes True #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart

Hey girls! Hope you are doing good. 

Did you see the video? I just loved it. How overwhelming it feels when some of our wish comes true. 
I was at a friend’s place recently and saw the family was enjoying a cricket match on their new Samsung 55 'LED. What stood out was the joyous quality time that they shared. Friends and family makes our lives complete. Without them I feel one is incomplete. I am totally dependent on my family for emotional support and fulfilling each other wish like we have seen in the above video and just like this beautiful experience shared here.

Being a beauty blogger, my daily blog posting involves, taking picture, writing articles, uploading them on the blog. Then comes the social media promotions like posting pictures on Instagram, taking swatches, random selfies, tweets, etc and most of them are done either with my phone or laptop. But when I can't carry my laptop everywhere, there comes the smart phones. You never know when I am at a store checking some makeup or clicking some outfit posts. I always wish I should have a tablet which could give me the best of the both worlds.
I also like reading eBooks at night so, definitely can't do that on my laptop as I will have to sit again in front it then. 
So, one day, I was lying in my bed and reading the book in my phone. My elder brother came in the room to ask something, so when the conversation ended, he asked me, "what are you doing on the phone at 1 am, chatting? I said No, I am reading the latest book by so and so writer". 
He didn’t say anything and closed the door and went. Things went as usual and he went to Pune. He is very busy so, hardly stays at home. It's like only a couple of days in a month he will stay at home. He is so busy generally that me and my mum would browse shopping sites or the shops to get clothes for him. 
After 2-3 days, in the afternoon, the bell ranged and there was this courier guy. I thought it will be some PR sample products. Being a beauty blogger, I am now used to getting 3-4 parcels at least in a week. The packet looked heavy, I did not check the details, but the flipkart written over it perplexed me. I anyways opened it as it had my name. 
Guess what? It had the Samsung galaxy tablet tab T231 Tablet. I could not remember placing the order for myself or anyone in the family since I am the one who would do all this online shopping ordering tracking etc for everything that comes to our home. 
So, I asked my mum, she too said she isn't aware about it. Then I called my brother. He did not answer the call, must be in the class (No, not attending the class, but taking the class, he's a doctor :) ). So, I dropped a message asking if he had ordered it. After a while he replied "It's for you".
My joy knew no bound. I was so thrilled and happy. With that same uncontrollable happiness I went straight to tell my mum who by that time was taking her afternoon nap. I was extremely happy and touched that he realized that how much I need a tablet. I them remembered that incident of that night. My wish was truely fulfilled and could have been better than this.Here's all of us. Yeah, this is their firts appearnce on teh blog as we are a reserve bunch of people. :)

So, now that I was totally enjoying the new gadget given to me. My younger brother who would ask my laptop every now was troubling me. As the old laptop that he was using, that won't allow the latest games to run smoothly and demanded faster processors etc. 
So, he would take my laptop and when asked would say after the game gets over. This used to piss me off but deep down there I could understand as he has this huge gaming addiction which he couldn't help. 
I have that too but beauty blogging take up most of my time. So recently, I ordered a new Compaq laptop for him. This made him really happy as his wish was fulfilled. now, I too join him as we love playing mystery case files and a lot more other thing. This actually gives me little break and a way to unwind  myself. I am elated that just like our childhood days, my elder brother fulfilled my wish and I could then fulfill my younger brother wish. Buying things for oneself may not give the same pleasure as does gifting and fulfilling someone else's wish and for this Flipkart played an important role since there is no hopping from one shop to other to get best deals. Moreover going out in Delhi can be hectic considering the traffic. I have lost count how many inexpensive to very expensive products I have shopped from Flipkart.com

Loved the flipkart for the best deals and making the wish come true. This is truly like #AbHarWishHogiPoori 

This post is a part of flipkart campaign.
Unsaid Wish Comes True #AbHarWishHogiPoori with Flipkart Reviewed by Niesha on 2:08 pm Rating: 5 Hey girls! Hope you are doing good.  Did you see the video? I just loved it. How overwhelming it feels when some of our wish c...


  1. awww...such a cute post.... niesha, u r such a sweet girl that it comes across in ur posts and that's what I really like most about u :)

    1. Thank you so much dear! :) I just a simple homely person. :)


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