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Wednesday 29 July 2015

Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple Review and Price

Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple Review

Hi girls!! A couple of weeks ago, I got this fragrance by Nina Ricci. I actually got a tiny sample in one of my Envy Boxes and since then I was mesmerized with its beautiful packaging and the sweet fragrance. 
Now who doesn’t love perfumes? Perfumes actually complete the look whether you are getting ready for a party, work, event etc. Though the fragrance choice may be personal and depends on the occasion as well. There are a lot of us who love feminine sweet smelling fragrances and I must say Nina Ricci Apple is one of them. 

Price: $50 ( 3000 Rs approx) Prices may vary online. You can get it on Flipkart, Nykaa etc.

About the product: “Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple has the breathtaking fragrance of Nina comes from the top notes of Calabrian Lemon and Caipirinha Lime followed by the middle notes of Love Apple, Peony, Fleur de Lune, and Praline. The base notes include Apple Tree, White Cedar, and Musk. The beautiful and apt blend of these notes leads to the amazingly brilliant and mesmerizing fragrance of Nina. Nina can make your mood pleasant and light hearted. Its sweet, fresh, sensual and delicious smell is sure to reach your heart and become your favorite. Packaged in a red love apple shaped bottle, this perfume by all means is desirable. Nina is perfect for all occasions and will suit every woman’s personality.”

Nina Ricci EDT Apple is packed in a beautiful apple shaped glass bottle with silver metallic leaf like detailing with the brand name embossed. I love the cutesy tiny round cap. It looks lovely!!
I was thinking they should have added a small charm so, that this would have looked super cute sitting on the vanity. I have one charm in pink and silver, I can get creative and add that to it to take the cuteness of this bottle to another level. :)

As the brand describes this as a sweet fruit fragrance which this surely is. As soon as I spray this, it delivers a citrusy smell and within in couple of seconds that transforms in to a sweet fruity warm scent followed by hint of musky notes which make this very feminine ans appropriate for daily use without being too strong or over powering. 
There are some other notes also as described by the brand which I can detect but can't differentiate honestly. Thus, I can only describe a scent and the notes broadly which can give you a fair enough idea about the perfume.  :)

I like musky fragrance for the evening time but this is low on musk but high on the sweetness thus is good for spring summer. I love such fragrances, I even liked the Elle Saab one, which was really intoxicating and perfect for winter evenings. Elle saab is still on my wish list along with Versace yellow Diamond mainly for the packaging. :) 

This perfume lasts on me for 5+ plus hours only which I feel is okay as in summers many fragrance won’t last that long on me so, I think I am okay with this. By the way that also depends from person to person as in how the fragrance reacts with the skin.

In short Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple is sweet flirty fruit fragrance packaged in an equally charming and cute bottle. If you like sweet fruity scent then this can be tried.
Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple Review and Price Reviewed by Niesha on 4:20 pm Rating: 5 Nina Ricci Perfume EDT Apple Review Hi girls!! A couple of weeks ago, I got this fragrance by Nina Ricci. I actually got a tiny sample ...


  1. Oh I loved the cute packaging <3

  2. Wow.. the packaging is sooooo cute !

  3. I got one sample of this perfume from a kind SA while buying other perfumes. I told him repeatedly that I am not a fruity person but he was so persistent!!!! In the shop I really got confused with so many fragrances sprayed around me but after coming home I again tried The Apple and that time I kinda liked it :) It really is a very sweet and feminine perfume. Nice review :)

  4. my sister absolutely loves this fragrance.. however, I like the Ricci Ricci perfume more by Nina Ricci :)

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  5. I have this one and i love it :)


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