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Saturday 18 July 2015

My Envy Box July 2015 Products and Photos

My Envy Box July 2015 Products and Photos

Hi everyone! I am with this month’s My Envy Box July Edition. Every month when I get this message in my phone that My Envy Box is to be delivered today, I get excited. Mainly because of the anticipation. When we are not aware about the products inside, the surprise factor remains. And who doesn’t love surprises. 
Before unboxing this My Envy Box, let me tell you dearies that you can get 15 % discount by using this code NIESHAIBF at the time of subscribing the My Envy Box. Isn’t that great.

Okay so, let’s see what I have received in this month’s box.

Aloe Gel and Rose Distillate hydrating mask
This mask smells divine and I am sure this will be very hydrating as when I smeared some of it on my arm, it felt so smoother and supple. I am going to give this to my mom as she has dry skin and hopefully she will like it. 

Bottega Di Lungavita Bio Clarine day cream
I have used a couple of Bottega products and they were decent enough but these sachet packaging is not exciting enough honestly.

Masker Aide Hydrating facial sheet mask
This sheet mask is enriched and infused with Argan oil so it will be amazing for hydrating the dry skin. I would love to try it or would ask mum to try this. This will be good to include in the skin pampering session.

Catrice Long lasting Eyeliner pencil
Ahh, I loved this and so glad that now My Envy box is including at least one makeup product sample. I wished to use this brand since ages. So, thanks to My Envy Box that I now have 4-5 Catrice products yaay. :) Just loved the color of this pencil even though I have lots of blue eyeliner. This color is gorgeous.

Roberto Cavalli Paradiso perfume
Now, I am glad that My Envy Box sends perfume samples as before buying one can have a decent experience to judge whether they would like that or not. And also how the particular perfume reacts with the skin. One can do that at the store too but as this is the age of online shopping where some good discounts are always there online so, getting online is good. I recently bought the Full sized Nina Ricci perfume and loved it. I actually bought that as I loved the tiny sample that was there in one of the MY Envy Boxes. :)

This month’s My Envy Box was delightful. I loved the products and the code that they have shared with me that is exclusively for the readers of this blog. 
So, if you have already subscribed well and good beauties. If not, don’t forget to use the code NIESHAIBF at the time of check out and get these awesome goodies filled box at you doorsteps at 15 % OFF. 
 PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
My Envy Box July 2015 Products and Photos Reviewed by Niesha on 3:44 pm Rating: 5 My Envy Box July 2015 Products and Photos Hi everyone! I am with this month’s My Envy Box July Edition . Every month when I get this me...


  1. Wooow I like the pencil :D

  2. loving the color of the eye pencil.. Envy box has drastically upgraded their performance lately.. I consider would resubscribing :)


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