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Monday 20 July 2015

Fab bag July Edition 2015 Red Carpet Special

Fab bag July Edition 2015 Red Carpet Special
Hi girls!! I am with this gorgeous Red Carpet July Fab Bag. I don’t have to say much as in this post, I will let the pictures do the talking. I could not resist taking as many pictures as I could. Since this is the best Fab bag so far. But that doesn’t end here. 
Till 31st of July you can subscribe for this July Red carpet Fab bag and that too at 10% off by using this discount code IBF10. This is an exclusive code made by Fab bag for the readers of IBF :D. Subscribe HERE

Now, coming back to this Fab bag July Edition. What makes this special? First of all the bag itself which is beautiful and great for taking with you at a party etc. Then comes the products which are equally amazing. So, let’s see what all goodies they have included.

1. Vana Italian Bergamot Luxury Summer Shimmer
In summers, where the glow is much needed on not just the face but on the exposed body skin as well. Just imagine an evening party where you are all decked up in a pretty outfit then this can be used as this is not a regular body lotion but has shimmers in it. I liked the fact that this is infused with hydrating essential oils.

2. Bella Pierre Ruby Red lipstick
Now, I don’t have to emphasis that most of us while getting ready for a party, wedding etc will choose a shade of red. True na? :)  I loved this tomato red color from Belle Pierre. I also have a mineral foundation from this brand which is slightly darker for my skin color. thus, I use that as a contouring powder. By the way, this is a London based cosmetics brand.

3. Aroma fairness Anti tan face wash and fairness daily scrub
I would surely use these two as I would love to get the bigger full sized ones if they suit me.

4. Sugar waterproof eyeliner black Swan
I really liked this eyeliner as the handle is so long and slender. The color is decently pigmented and the tip is just wow, so pointed and fine. It doesn't feel like a regular bristle style tip rather I can write my name with this. This shows that how well this brush can give you full control while you are drawing graphic or winged style eyeliner.

I will use these products soon for a red carpet makeup look.  :)
That’s not all! We still have this mini Fab post magazine. This month’s magazine was worth reading with Kate Beckinsale on the cover. I took so many pics of this too. The tips and tricks section from the celebrities was the best. I captured a screen shots for you too dearies. 

So, what you feel about this month’s bag beauties? I loved this as this is value for money and also we are getting some really good products. 

Therefore,I will truly recommend you to get this. But this is Fab bag July Edition so, subscribe before 31st for this one.
Don't forget to use the Code IBF10 for extra 10 % off on the actual price which is 599 Rs. Check HERE

 You can use some of my Bloggers friends' code, if you face problems with this one but just subscribe for it and get the bag since this is a great deal. :)

PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Fab bag July Edition 2015 Red Carpet Special Reviewed by Niesha on 12:22 am Rating: 5 Fab bag July Edition 2015 Red Carpet Special Hi girls!! I am with this gorgeous Red Carpet July Fab Bag. I don’t have to say much as in...


  1. Oh I agree!!! This bag is a really good deal and it seems all the bagds are the same this time , with only one variation of the liner. !

  2. That lipstick is definitely red carpet worthy! What beautiful products.

  3. ohh my God your bag is to die for

  4. Even I am in love with this month bag

  5. Very elegant bag and the content of it is truly fantastic. I especially like the SPA products!

  6. I think that I will love this months fab bag...can't wait to get my bag :-)


  7. amazing products ..I am getting this one for sure

  8. I got this a few days back and am absolutely in love with the liner... its just sooo amazing :)



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