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Thursday 16 July 2015

Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review and Swatches

Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review

Hi Girls, Earlier I had reviewed Avon Ultra Color matte lipsticks and in this post I am going to review and swatch 4 lipsticks from Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks. I loved the pigmentation of Color matte lipsticks. Therefore, my expectations were high from these as well. So are they worth, let’s know more about them.
Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks are priced at 399 rupees each.

I got these 4 very bold colors from this Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick range. They are Coral Burst, Ruby Shock, Sangria Shock and Fearless Fuchsia. Oooh just loved the names. These lipsticks come in an outer carton. The packaging is black and shiny pink  with Avon written on it. I really like the packaging, it looks classy and something that you won’t sneakily apply in the restroom for touch ups. Even the packaging for Avon Ultra Color matte lipsticks was decent.

After using all 4 of them I noticed that they have similar common features like the pigmentation, staying span etc so let me describe the colors first then I will move on the generic features of this range of lipsticks.

1. Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Coral Burst

Coral Burst is true to its name and my favorite shade from the lot. Corally colors look good and adorable on Indian complexions as we have got strong yellow undertones which go really well with coral colors. This has a very fine shimmer or light reflecting particles which I loved. Just a stroke is enough for me as it gives a rich looking intense color pay off.

2. Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Fearless fuchsia
Fearless Fuchsia is a color which I will call a very bold color as the name of the lip color suggests. This is a cool fuchsia pink color which will definitely wash out the duskier skin tones but will look good on fair to medium skin. I like warmer shades therefore, it isn’t my color. Nevertheless, It is undoubtedly very unique and beautiful color considering the bold makeup trends that we are witnessing right from the previous spring summer on runways.

3. Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Sangria Shock
If you love plum, purple and deep lip color shades, then this is truly for you. I am more into reds, oranges and hot pinks so, not very excited with this but this can’t be denied that such deep colors look extremely good who knows how to carry them well. This is a plumy berry color which my mum loved, so it’s hers now. 

4. Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick in Ruby Shock
Now, that’s the color that will cater to a red shade lover. This is more of a true red rather than a rich pick based reddish color which I imagined when I read the name "Ruby Shock". I loved the texture which is beautiful and glides swiftly. This is my favorite out of the lot along with the coral burst.

Now, let me describe the general features of these Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks.

These lipsticks have great pigmentation. Just one stroke on the lips and  they deliver a rich intense looking color and that goes for all the 4 shades so, I am assuming and the other shades from the range will also possess the similar features. 
They apply very smoothly on the lips. The creamy moisturizing formula makes the lips softer and hydrated for hours. 

These lipsticks stay around 3-4 hours on me though I have used 2 of them for the entire day but with the texture and creaminess, I can talk about the rest of the two as well. Once they get wiped off, they will leave the stain. The arm swatches that you see, when I wiped them off. I could notice the stain which where very strongly adhered on the skin that I had to use a makeup remover to finally get the stains off the arms. 
This features is good for me. I like it as I don’t like the bare lips once my lipstick gets wiped off, so, staining is pretty okay for me.

I honestly did not find anything that bothers me about these Avon Ultra Color bold lipsticks as they were good on pigmentation, staying span, creaminess, texture and the colors are beautiful as you can see. 
The only issue for me or I think for most of us, is the availability as I can either have to catch hold of an Avon representative or search the AVON products on ebay.in.
Rating: 4 out of 5 (-1 for availability else I find them good for the price and packaging)

PR Sample: My views are unbiased as always!!
Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review and Swatches Reviewed by Niesha on 2:38 pm Rating: 5 Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipsticks Review Hi Girls, Earlier I had reviewed Avon Ultra Color matte lipsticks and in this post I am going t...


  1. They resemble the colorshow lipsticks Niesha :) Nice pics :)

    1. Thanks a lot dear! :) really they do.

  2. Loved ruby shock. Will check out these lippies!!

  3. These look so much like Maybelline colorshow lipsticks no? Gorgeous shades..specially the sangria shade looks much prettier on your lips than how it is in bullet.

    1. Really they do dear!! :) I loved the shades in this range. I am surprised too as I ma not into such colors.

  4. It's unfair that you would always look so immaculate!

  5. wow all four shades are awesome :) looking pretty

  6. Hi dear Niesha! How are you? Colour burst is the colour I prefer on you! Thanks for sharing these beautiful lipsticks!
    kisses, Marghe

    1. Hi dear, I am doing good! :) How are you? Sorry was a bit busy so could visit any of the blogs.:P

  7. Ooooo I've been wanting to try avon cosmetics for such a long time but it's not easy to find anymore in singapore! My favorite shade is sangria shock!

    1. Surprisingly I am loving that too.:) I hope they get available there soon. I feel hard to find an Avon representative. I am glad that Avon India sends samples to me else I find it hard to catch hold of a representative. :)

  8. Such pretty shades love Coral Burst.

  9. Your picture plates are really good quality
    One can have a look at the real shades n that's hard to find ....ur pretty n quite fair. ....n the cool toned pinks look good on you!


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