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Thursday 16 April 2015

My Envy Box April 2015 Unboxing, Photos & Products

My Envy Box April 2015 Unboxing, Photos & Products
Hi girls!!
I am with yet another box of My Envy Box.  By the way, you may have seen that I am not posting regularly. Yes dearies, I was earlier not well then I was busy with the other blog and other stuffs which I will let you know soon but now, I am back to business and will be doing posts regularly and replying to the comments and Emails. :D So, coming back to this month’s My Envy Box. 
First of all the the color, It is a pale orange box and the card that were there in the previous boxes have been replaced by a single card bearing all the information about the individual product sample in the box. I liked this change as it saves the paper.

And let me tell you, if you’re still new to My Envy Box then here is what it is and costs.
My envy Box is a luxury beauty sample box service where in every month you get a box full of 5 beauty samples and some vouchers, coupons etc occasionally. The cost of monthly subscription of this box is 850 Rupees. You can subscribe for this service here for as many months as you like. Here what is there in this month’s box.

Avene Dry Touch Emulsion with SPF 50
I wanted to try this product since it claims to be light weight and non greasy in texture. I already have oily T Zone hence, I want my sunscreens to be non greasy. It costs Rupees 1250 in India.

Za True White Exfoliating Clay
Again a product from Za and I am excited to try it. This is a decently sized product which came as a sample. You know when I got this in My Envy box, I knew Za will be going to send this product too. Full sized one costs rupees 399.  I am also trying Za True white emulsion which I will be reviewing next week hopefully people with oily skin will get to see one more decent product for their skin type.

Catrice Long lasting lip pencil
This was wonderful as I was hoping, My Envy Box should continue to include at least one makeup product in their boxes and I am glad that for the past couple of months they are sticking to it. I was really happy with a cutesy looking Catrice eye shadow and now the lip pencil from the same brand is good to have. 

Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream
I have tried their Mridul face cleanser which was good so trying their night cream would be good. The box has 2 samples of tiny tubs of this night creams which I think can do me for 2 weeks approximately. I think that would be sufficient enough to review it.

Marc Jacobs daisy dream
It is fruity floral fragrance though I could detect some wood notes too. May be this is how it reacts on my skin.

I liked this month’s box. Product sizes were decent and very good choices of products considering the approaching warmer months. Let me know, if you want a full review on this lip pencil or any of the products.

My Envy Box April 2015 Unboxing, Photos & Products Reviewed by Niesha on 4:19 pm Rating: 5 My Envy Box April 2015 Unboxing, Photos & Products Hi girls!! I am with yet another box of My Envy Box.   By the way, you may ...


  1. The Kama night cream sounds so good.

  2. kama ayurveda night cream has become my fav. This month's box is really very pretty!

  3. I love the thoughfulness they put in collating these summer skin care goodies. That lip pencil too is no less than a summery shade <3

  4. The Kama night cream sounds good, you got some great products this month <3 Have a great day <3

  5. Nice review dear,good photos:)
    The lip pencil is grabbing my eyes!

  6. Marc Jacobs!!! Damn .... *-*


  7. I am yet to try this envy box, the products that you have received this month is good.

  8. Products look great..Want to use that kama night cream

  9. Lovely products. .
    nice review

  10. i am not subscribed to envy box, but now I think that I should try it :-)


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