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Wednesday 29 April 2015

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack Review, Price and How to Use

Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack

Fruits are great for skin whether you eat them or use as face pack. I will review Himalaya Refreshing fruit face pack which I have been using for the past 1 month along with some other packs. I had become lazy in trying face packs but with the onset of summers, I have made sure that I will at least use them 2 times in a week. Himalaya fruit face packs has the fruits like papaya, fig, cucumber, crab apple and fuller’s earth. So, is it really a face pack worth trying? Let’s get to know that.

Price of Himalaya Refreshing fruit pack:  70 rupees for 50 g and 130 for 100 g

Brand claims about Himalaya Refreshing fruit pack: Himalaya’s Refreshing Fruit Pack blends together a host of natural fruity ingredients that leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and soft.

The extracts of Papaya, Fig, Crab Apple, Cucumber and Fuller’s Earth nourish the skin and improve skin glow. Our Refreshing Fruit Pack cools the skin, smoothening it and removing deeply embedded impurities.

Experince with Himalaya Refreshing fruit pack
The fruit face pack comes in the trademark Himalaya tube bearing all the details about the product. The face pack is a pale yellowish colored product while looks like a Multani mitti paste as multani forms a core base of this pack. I like its subtle pleasant scent which isn’t artificial or too strong. I don’t like using products bearing too much of fragrance at least for the face. I take around 2 blobs of medium size that is enough of the entire face. The texture is smooth with medium consistency which helps the pack to get smeared on the face nicely. 

After I am done applying the pack on my face, I feel that it causes some mild tingling sensation on my face. My skin is slightly sensitive these days hence I felt the sensation to be more for the past few times. I keep this for 15- 20 minutes then rinse off with clear water. After, I wash it off, I feel my face looks dewy, hydrated and no signs of greasiness. It tightens the couple of monster pores over my nose and skin looks brighter. As I have used this 2 times in a week, it had given good results.  It makes my face feel better as in the oils, greasiness etc can play a havoc and cause whiteheads in summers which the face pack has efficiently prevented with the presence of Multani, which absorbs the oils very well and gives an oil free skin. 

Of course, the face pack worked along with other skin care things I used. I have used this face pack earlier as well and that time I was tanned and it removed the tanning to certain extent which is good. I will recommend this or the Himalaya neem pack if your skin is pimple prone.

Decent packaging
Spreads nicely
Has fruits which nourishes the skin
Multani mitti absorbs oils and grease off the face
Good for oily to normal skin
Takes off tanning to certain extent or with regular use
Face look cleaner and brighter

Tingling sensation
Not for dry to sensitive skin

Rating: 4 out of 5

Take: I liked the Himalaya Refreshing fruit pack for its efficiency in making the skin bright, glowing with oil at all. It hydrates the skin and absorbs the excessive oils fro oily to combination skin. The price is good and I see that this pack is easily available in stores and online.
Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Face Pack Review, Price and How to Use Reviewed by Niesha on 4:22 pm Rating: 5 Himalaya Refreshing Fruit Pack Fruits are great for skin whether you eat them or use as face pack. I will review Himalaya Refreshing fr...


  1. I love Himalaya face packs, they some how works wonder for my skin! Would definitely try this too! Enjoyed your article dear.. <3

  2. Oh I used it in winters when my skin was dry and it worked like a charm!

  3. I have used the sample pack of it, I actually got scared of tingly sensation it gave. But you are right it leaves behind an amazing skin. Loved the review <3

  4. I have used this one and yes, it really works !


  5. himalaya products seldom disappoint.. :) nice review dear :)

  6. I love their Neem pack, haven't tried this one

  7. I love fruit face packs, especially in summer season. They are a treat for the skin !

  8. i am usually allergic to packs...but i think that this would work for me :-)


  9. I want this, was looking for a nice fruit mask, so will try this for sure :)

  10. I love their products however never tried their fruit pack for sure gonna try this out


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