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Thursday 29 January 2015

Gillette Venus “Use Your AND” Campaign and Review

Gillette Venus “Use Your AND” Campaign and take on the product

Hi girls,

How often you have felt that you have been labeled? Labels which are just one dimensional. Doesn’t matter how many qualities a woman have but still the labels will follow her all through the life in different phases. Some time ago, I tweeted about the same and this amazing initiative that Gillette Venus has taken with their #UseYourAND campaign. The campaign encourages and inspires all the women to stand up against this stereotype and those labels which just don’t fully justify the true individual potential.
The video talks about the same where real women share their thoughts about it. If you have not seen that you should see it here. Link is below: 

D you know that according to a survey around 70% of the women have revealed that they have been labeled by the stereotypes since they were quite young.

Why just limit someone by this OR that. Why can’t we have ANDs? This is the central idea behind this  “Use Your AND” Campaign by Gillette Venus.

We as women have the potential of multiple talents and to use lot more ANDs but we are just limited with the one dimensional labels only. The campaign by Gillette Venus supports and believes that women can explore and unleash their true potential by saying no to just being labeled by the stereotypes.

Gillette Venus through this initiative, invites women across the globe to explore all of the “ANDs” that they have within them. It’s time to reveal what truly exists within them by using their ANDs and get inspired.

It is extremely important to let other know that we are much more than the perceived image. If we can dress up, we can be smart at the same time, mange our roles and do our duties to their best. If are not what people perceive us but just a single dimensional label but there is a lot more room, possibility and talent that we have but the world doesn’t seem to look beyond that label that they have imposed. 
A woman who can manage a business, can an equally capable homemaker, mother, wife and so much more. Why we can’t add AND and embrace our talents and let the world see that too. I am a part time blogger, a homemaker, writer, an avid reader who loves to keep up with the trends. I would never want someone to take me as just a blogger or a girl who loves makeup or who’s just into makeup and clothes who just can’t handle responsibilities or would just not in interested in the other household matters. but that isn't true. 
I have proven time and again that if I can be a makeup lover, I can be good at managing the house, good at managing my relationships, a good cook and if I can do these, I am also smart enough at work and by squeezing a little extra time I can also manage my own blog. Just like this there is lot more to what I truly can and would want the world to see. So, that the next time they labels me they should put more and more ANDs to it.
I have never satisfied with the qualities I have, rather I have always wanted to explore and learn what else I can add up to for me in this lifetime which is why I have fully supported Gillette Venus's  “UseYourAND” campaign. The initiative by Gillette Venus inspires women to believe in themselves and show the world their potential and embrace many more ANDs for themselves.

Gillette Venus “Use Your AND” Campaign

Now, time for a short review on the Gillette Venus razor. I have been using Gillette Venus from quite a long time and if you remember I did a full fledged review on it. This razor is for 199 Bucks and have multiple blades for a smoother finish.
I liked its blue color and the rubbery hold makes it using quite easy and also gives a full control over it. The design makes it easy to use and minimizes the chances of accidental cuts.

Gillette Venus Review

I already have one so, this is my back up. Those of us who are not into waxing but would like to get rid of the unwanted hair. These can be really handy to achieve smoother softer legs. By the way with that I could add one more AND for me. :D 

You may also refer to this Facebook app as a guide to any queries that you may have about shaving-
So, do you girls really feel that it’s the time to stand up and break free from these one dimensional labels? I do! Do you?
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