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Wednesday 19 November 2014

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer review, price and photos

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review
Hi everyone!
I will review Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer today. I had a very good experience with the Za perfect solution collagen cream and I am still using it. That is amongst the products, I would like to repurchase. This Za moisturiser is the Winner of Elle India Beauty Awards and after using it, I can sense why that is.
Price: 1099 Rupees for 125 ml you can buy it here at

Brand claims: “Za perfect solution moisturiser is a rich textured moisturizer boosts your skin’s hydration and clarity to impart firmness and a silky glow.” It is infused with the rich moisturiser to make it feel firm, resilient and lively as it is formulated with resilient complex. It rehydrates skin to prevent fine lines and roughening caused by the dryness. It evens out the skin texture to make it luminous and full of clarity without shallow dullness due to Cristal brightening complex. The moist, smooth textured formula permeates the skin to retain the skin’s vital moisture due to yuzu seed extract, marine collagen, bio hyaluronic acid.
How to use: Smooth an appropriate amount over face with hand or cotton pad after balancing skin with a toner.

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer review, price

Views on Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer
The moisturizer is packaged in a tall cylindrical bottle with a bright shiny ruby pink cap. I have liked Za Perfect solution products’ packaging. The reddish pink bright packaging is quite alluring and attractive. The bottle bears a narrow mouth with a white stopper that pours out adequate amount, nothing much thus minimizes the wastage of the product and is very hygienic to use. The moisturiser is a translucent cream colored  and has a watery gel/ serum like consistency, It smells refreshing and mild with faint notes of plant-ish and floral fragrance. Once it blend it over my skin, it takes some time get absorbed as is not quite watery and once it does, it feels non greasy. My skin looks slightly dewy and hydrated. I like that it does feel very light on my face, considering that, I have combination skin. This moisture doesn’t clog the pores or make my skin oily. This is what I expect from my moisturiser or any of you with oily to combination skin will expect. As the moisturiser hydrates the skin the appearance of fine lines are reduced visibly. 
Za Perfect Solution moisturizer review, ingredinets

It is suggested that you can use it with the help of a cotton pad or fingers, but I haven’t used cotton pad as it will lead to product wastage since the pad would absorb the product.
Since the time, I have been using it, it keeps the skin moisturized, improves skin texture and smoothness. I am using the collagen cream at night and this Za perfect solution moisturiser during the day as the collagen cream is good to be used at night when the skin is rejuvenating and healing on its own. The moisturizer is good to be used for the day time as my skin is already full of oils on my T zone therefore; I have got a good option for a light weight, non clogging pores moisturiser. Which I have absolutely loved. My skin stays oil free for a couple of hours after which the oils starts to show up again for which I really can’t blame this as the moisturizer’s job is to give hydration not oil control but the important point to be considered is the clogging of the pores which it has not done. It provides good hydration for the oily skin though at the same time, I think this alone may not work the same on the hydration part for the dry skin. Therefore, I would suggest, if you wish to try this Za moisturiser, then using the collagen cream after this as that will compensate for the hydration for the dry skin especially in this season, when the weather is getting dry and temperature sliding down.
Za Perfect Solution products price

The price of this Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser is well justified as it is 125 ml for the 1099 rupees and that will last really long. Another thing which made me stick to it, is the fact that it is not easy to find light weight, non greasy moisturisers for oily to combination skin. 

Pros of Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser
Price is justified for the quantity provided
Watery gel like formula
Light weight
Non greasy
Absorbs really easily
Suitable for oily skin
Doesn’t clog pores
Improves skin texture
Keeps skin hydrated
Makes skin appear plump

Cons of Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser
None for oily to combination skin
But as I said it will not provide the same hydration for the dry skin.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Take: Za Perfect Solution Moisturiser is an ideal moisturiser for oily skin as it is non greasy, doesn’t clog the pores and yet provides adequate hydration. It absorbs really well with gentle massaging and I like that it makes skin texture smoother, radiant and plump after continues usage. Having said that, it may not be the same for dry skin when it comes to hydration therefore, using some other cream or the Collagen cream from the same brand will take care of the moisture concerns along with reaping the moisturizer’s benefits. I will recommend it to the oily skin since I liked it a lot for my skin.

Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer review, price and photos Reviewed by Niesha on 3:35 pm Rating: 5 Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer Review Hi everyone! I will review Za Perfect Solution Moisturizer today. I had a very good experience ...

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