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Tuesday 11 November 2014

Jafra Brightening Cleanser Review

Hi everyone! I will review this Jafra brightening cleanser today, Cleansers take a lot less time to get tested but still this product review was delayed. I have been using it since then and now, It’s all finished. So, did I like this cleanser? Of course yes, else who would finish an entire tube when the product doesn't suit. now, what were the things that made me like this, is the point.

Brand Claims A gentle brightening cleanser that effectively lifts away impurities to leave skin clean and reveal a brighter, healthier complexion. Apply morning and night, massage over wet face and throat and rinse thoroughly. Red Sea weed extracts enhance Skin Clarity. Clinically, Allergy, Irritancy and Dermatologist Tested.
Price: 590 Rupees.
Jafra Brightening Cleanser Review, price and how to use

Views on Jafra Brightening Cleanser
Jafra Brightening Cleanser comes in a white tube with a flip top cap which is quite tight hence make the packaging very easy to use and travel with. The cleanser is a transparent gel with jasmine fragrance. I take a pea sized amount of this, it won’t lather too much but definitely takes off the excess oils and dirt easily. Its jasmine fragrance is very refreshing and whenever I use this its fragrance allures me. I am sure the scent will be liked by a lot of you. The face wash is very mild and even after washing it off, the cleanser will not dry out my face or won’t make it loaded with oils either. It is just the perfect cleanser for my skin in fact, it’s a cleanser that will suit most of the skin types. Since the main job for a cleanser is to mildly clean the skin without making it dry or greasy which it does. I have really enjoyed using this product.

None of the ingredients in this cleanser has break me out so far. One thing that it can’t do is that it doesn’t control oil; I can’t blame it for that since it makes no such claim on this particular aspect. But it says that it brighten ups the face which it does to certain extent and since it has licorice extracts, it makes skin appear radinat and bright. I like the way it makes skin dewy and velvety.
This is a face wash which I have started using when my skin wasn’t behaving well, I was sick and due to which my skin was patchy, dry from certain areas and excessive oily at the T zone, it arrived at the same time and it did very well as it was mild and restores the pH balance and moisture. 

This tube has lasted me around 2 months which justifies its price.  It may not work the same for very oily skin.
Easy to use packaging
Gel like consistency
Non soapy feel
Cleanses mildly
Doesn’t lather much
Pleasant jasmine fragrance
Ingredients list is there
No allergies and breakouts due to this
Skin appears dewy and radiant
Not for very oily skin
Available only through Jafra representatives
Rating: 4.5 out of 5
Take: Jafra Brightening Cleanser is a very mild refreshing cleanser that thoroughly yet gently cleanses the skin. Its jasmine fragrance and scent is soothing and doesn’t irritate the skin. It works on every skin type but may not be the same for the very oily skin. I love to use this for a gentle cleansing experience.
Jafra Brightening Cleanser Review Reviewed by Niesha on 3:17 pm Rating: 5 Hi everyone! I will review this Jafra brightening cleanser today, Cleansers take a lot less time to get tested but still this product rev...

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