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Wednesday 12 November 2014

Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème in Pink-A-Colada Review, Swatches and Fotds

Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème in Pink-A-Colada Review 
Hi everyone!!
The recent launch from Faces cosmetic is this Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème range. We had a blogger event at Faces Store Store GK, M- Block market, regarding the same which I posted about few weeks ago. These lip crèmes are launched in 6 exciting shades like Pink a Colada, Grape Martini, Hawaiian orange, N*de Mojito, Red Mary and Fuchsia sparkler.
Price: 649 Rupees for 4.6 ml of the product.

Brand says: “Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème is an absolutely super soft, smooth and moisturizing lipgloss that promises one stroke hi shine coverage. It is completely opaque, highly pigmented, does not transfer, bleed or feather and stays on for hours at a stretch. Inspired by the colors of mesmerizing cocktails, lip crème gives you the color intensity of the lipstick and luster of a gloss. This non-sticky lip crème comes with a doe-foot sponge applicator.”
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The name of the shade is inspired by the cocktails and I personally like the selected names for the individual shades for this range. The lip crème comes packaged in a cylindrical see through tube with a black cap. Bottom of the tube bears the name of the shade. Packaging looks classy and good.

The lip gloss smells delicious with vanilla combined with choco buttery fragrance that makes me resist hard not to lick it off. 

Pink- A-Colada is a medium pink which shows a perfect balance between the warm pink and a cool toned pink. It’s a pink that has warm hues and slightly neon hues which makes it a shade which is in trend this season. Pink-A-Colada, will suit most of the skin tones, when it is applied in full intensity It appears warmer and when used in as a stain, it appears very natural pink. I like such pinks that can give me natural pink looking lips and this color here does that perfectly. It instantly brighten ups the complexion without washing me out even when the pictures are taken with flash. The lip color is shimmer less and devoid of any light reflecting particles.

The lip crème has a very user friendly applicator which is flexible and very soft that gives an extra help while applying the lip color. The tip digs out adequate color to coat the lips well. It has a thick smooth texture which is slightly sticky. I should emphasize that it is very slightly sticky as compared with a lot of other lip glosses. I feel it has a gel like formula, I feel due to which once I am wearing this, it doesn’t feather or or bleeds from the edge of the mouth. It is glossy in finish and gives that extra glossy whine on the lips. It has a very hydrating formula that keeps the lips soft.

Pigmentation is very good, just like the liquid or molten lipsticks, it gives a pure color in a slightly swipe.  It can survive light meals and snacks though the intensity and richness of the lip crème reduces but there is this pink tint which stays for quite a long time. I like lip products that even after fading out or wiped off should not leave the lips bare, rather there should be some color that should stay afterwards. The lip crème stays on me on an average for 3-4 hours and while I talk, it will not get patchy too badly like I have experienced with some other lip colors or lip glosses. I like such colors and I would mostly pair such colors with dramatic eyes and light peachy pink blush. I would call this color as an everyday wear color.

Since the color and the formula is intense and opaque. This lip crème will cover the lip pigmentation decently. If you remember, I had reviewed Faces Glam on lip glosses earlier which were quite impressive and I still like them a lot. The only difference with those lip gloss and these lip crèmes is that the glam on lip glosses were a bit low on pigmentation and high on lustre while there are very pigmented, thick in texture yet feels light on the lips.
I look so different in the picture below, it seems as if I have side bangs. :D
These pictures were taken before my hair cut as you can see my long hair. Do I miss them? Not really.

Pros and cons of Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème in Pink-A-Colada
Easy to use sponge tip applicator
Glossy texture
Non sticky
No bleeding
Good staying time

Price can be for some, but it truly is worth it for me. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Take: These Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème is highly pigmented, glossy texture and good staying power. It doesn’t bleed or feather out and isn’t sticky.  The particular shade pink-A-Colada is a medium toned pink that will suit most of the Indian skin tones beautifully and is a very youthful color, can be worn for college as a daily wear color. I like the natural pink tint it imparts once it wears off.
Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème in Pink-A-Colada Review, Swatches and Fotds Reviewed by Niesha on 4:37 pm Rating: 5 Faces Ultimate Pro Lip crème in Pink-A-Colada Review   Hi everyone!! The recent launch from Faces cosmetic is this Faces Ultimate Pro ...

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