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Saturday 1 November 2014

7 Red Lipsticks Swatches: Swatch Gallery

Swatches of 7 Red lipsticks for all skin tones
Hi everyone!
Doesn’t matter if you like bold lips or subtle soft “my lips but better” kind of look, but red in lipsticks is one such color which when used can instantly take your makeup look to another level, Of course, that should be occasion appropriate, you can’t be roaming around in college flaunting hot red lips or to office sporting a red pout every now and then, but there are occasions where red lipsticks can make your look stand out and look stunning. I am a red lipstick lover since my teens, yes, I admit and I don’t think that will ever change till I bid adieu. 
7 Red Lipsticks Swatches

Anyways, I will share these swatches of 7 Red lipsticks that I personally like due to their texture, finish or the color and they are very affordable, that means you don’t have to dig in deep hole into your pocket to get a suitable red lipstick for you. I have some more additions to this list but as the post was made prior to much purchase, they couldn’t be included.
Here they are, the fiery reds lipsticks:

1. Inglot Freedom system refill no 82
By far and hands down, this is my most favourite red. It is intense, rich, luxurious and has this amazing smooth finish which makes it a must have if you don’t have a problem with refills which I do at times as they can be messy to take out and do the touch ups. It’s a pure red which will suit all the complexions beautifully.  Such reds perfect for Indian bridal wear.

7 Red Lipsticks Swatches

2. Avon Ultra Color Matte Garnet
I must say it is highly pigmented, not matte as per the claim but semi matte. It is ideal to be worn as a stain or in full luxurious intensity. Packaging is okay, could have been better but since the product is good, that will do as of now.
7 Red Lipsticks Swatches
3. Streetwear Color Rich Lipstick in Very Vampire
It’s not a pure red but an orange based red. I am very impressed with this range when it comes to price and the quality except for the not so user friendly packaging. Yeah, the same bullet smashing thing. But still it is my current favourite as orange based red goes really well with fair Indian complexion with yellow undertones, which is my complexion. I will recommend it to everyone. 
7 Red Lipsticks Swatches
4. Lakme Enrich satins no 356
It’s a blue based red and I must say, it has a gorgeous texture which is close to being matte or I should refer it also as a semi matte lipstick but the color which is a blue based red makes it one of my favourites.  It is highly pigmented and stays a lot longer than the average lipsticks.

7 Red Lipsticks Swatches

5. Tips and Toes hydra rich lipstick no 1
I have used 4-5 products from this range and for the price I can no ways say that they were average, in fact they came out to be quite promising and this lipstick came as a sample but didn’t fail to impress me. Firstly, it’s wonderful color which is a pink based red due to which it won’t look too much even if you wish to sport it for office or for a casual day out. Secondly, it has a buttery, ready to melt formula with glossy finish. Bleeding is the only problem.

6. Maybelline Bold MAT Lipstick in MAT 5
It’s a more like a tomato red with lightly glossy finish even if it is claims to be a matte lipstick range. I find the glossiness to be very subtle therefore, it’s a light weight, semi matte, decently pigmented lipstick with a good enough staying span. Packaging and price makes it a must have in your vanity.

7 Red Lipsticks Swatches
7. Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm in Striking
Well, I like the fact that it is a matte lipstick which I like to sport at times and can be a perfect option for matte lovers, but I find the formula to be slightly patchy as in the finish. Plus point can be it’s cooling pepperminty-ish feel o the lips..
So that was all folks, do share your favourite red lipsticks except for Ruby Woo and Russian Red which have become legends when it comes to red lipsticks. :D
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  1. i really liked shade no. 1 and 4....
    keep in touch

  2. My fav is shade no 1..love d swatches

  3. god these shades... give me red... lol... awesome post di..

  4. What a beautiful set of reds! Although I like bold lips now and again I always tend to go pink though but I love myself a good blue toned red!

  5. OMG!..the street wear colour swatch is stunning!!! I can't believe the quality <3
    stunning colour choices hun

  6. Maybelline MAT one is my fav. .. wud love to try.. very helpful post

  7. I had wanted to do this post for a long time! The reds almost took my breath away!

  8. I love love red, it's just my favorite lip color, these are some great reds :)

  9. wow! amazing compilation... do add your awesome lotds also na sweets... <3

    do dekho :

  10. I can't stop starring at the swatches .... such a helpful post ♡


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