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Tuesday 28 October 2014

Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest: 3 Winners

Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest

Hi everyone!!

It’s contest time again!! Those of you who love to take part in contests, then this is yet another opportunity for you to win a Nivea gift hamper

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All you need to do is to answer these 2 simple questions here:

What benefits should your 0 % alcohol deodorant give you over products containing alcohol?

How does NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deo gives you the perfect underarms and the confidence to go sleeveless?

Wasn’t that simple, now go ahead and answer these questions to get a chance to win the Nivea hamper for yourself. By the way. 

Before you get excited and go straight away to answer the questions, do read some of the Rules dearies!!

You can also mail me at, if you're unable to comment here.


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There will be 3 winners. Selected by Nivea India and prizes to be sponsored by the brand itself.

The contest is for Indian residents over 16 years of age only!
Contest ends on  7th of November.
Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest: 3 Winners Reviewed by Niesha on 7:47 pm Rating: 5 Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant Contest Hi everyone!! It’s contest time again!! Those of you who love to take part in con...


  1. 1. Anti-perspirant products reduce the amount of sweat released to keep the armpit dry and comfortable. The action of the anti-perspirant ingredients also helps to control the growth of bacteria.This, together with the effect of the perfume, means that they work as effective deodorants. Hence, anti-perspirants are usually labelled as anti-perspirant deodorants as they perform both functions.But Deodorant products counteract the formation of unpleasant body odour.

    2.Nivea roll ons are so good because perfect for my beautiful, smooth underarms. Also its protects against underarm wetness and odour, its caring formula with precious pearl extracts leaves underarms feeling so soft and looking beautiful. Mild fragrance lingers throughout the major part of the day.Best part is to be fragrance, which is very mild and soothing.It is an anti-perspirant deo & does not irritate on my skin . 24h confidence smell pleasant throughout the day.

    FB Name: Bhavani Sekar
    Twitter : @Poojadalu

  2. 1- Nivea Whitening Sensitive Deodorant repairs skin to give fairer underarms without any irritation.
    It has 0 % alcohol and doesn’t harm the skin.This deodorant contains licorice extracts that repair damage skin to give smooth, even toned underarms.It provides soft, fresh fragrance for long lasting protection.

    2- NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deo is perfect for my underarm because its mild ingredients not only protects my underarms form bad odor and irritating moisture, but give me that self-confidence which I get from pleasant feminine fragrance of Nivea roll on keeping me as fresh as morning dew all the day long and that too without any chance of skin darkening .

    FB Name: Simar Chugh
    Twitter : @shineysimar

  3. A lovely giveaway by Nivea...
    1. The benefit of using 0% alcohol products over alcohol one is that there will be no skin irritation also skin won't turn dark overtime.Hence it is 100% safe.
    2. Since Nivea is 0% alcohol based it will not give me dark underarms and will lighten them over time with regular use also the deodrant will help me smell good all day :)

    FB Name: Natasha Bhatt
    Twitter handle @natashabhatt

  4. Thanx for the fab giveaway Nieshu!
    1. My underarms skin is super sensitive and though I am a huge fan of deos but the alcohol in them refrain me from using it. Now that Nivea has come up with non alcohol based deos I am sure my skin is going to love it to the core!

    2. NIVEA Whitening Sensitive Deo will not only lighten my dark underarms but also give me the joy of using deos without any burning sensation!

    FB: Megha Saraf
    Twitter: @megha811

  5. Hi............Thnx for hosting this awesome giveaway!!!!!

    My answers:

    1) The benefits of deodorants containing 0 % alcohol are that it will not cause any irritation or allergies...Also they are gentle on the skin and don't cause dryness...They are free from aluminium based compounds hence are totally skin-friendly..... :D

    2) NIVEA's Whitening Sensitive Deo repairs underarm skin and makes it fairer hence gives me the confidence to go sleeveless........ :)

    Fb : neha mishra
    twitter: @neha01237


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