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Monday 15 September 2014

My Hair Spa Day and Khoobsurat Moment

Hey girls!!
It's been a month since I colored my hair and all these weeks I have had pretty good hair days. The last time, I did the hair spa at home was before coloring my hair and since the weather is changing now, I thought of doing it yesterday!! I am pretty surprised and elated that my hair color still is as vibrant, rich looking even though it's been over a month. 

My hair spa treatment basically revolves around me massaging my hair with hot oils and then steaming followed by the hair wash with a deep conditioning hair mask. The treatment enhanced the shine and I really wanted to add on that extra bounce and shine that I already have post coloring. When something's is going great all you wish to extend that duration which is why I am getting all involved in such pampering till the time I would go for a second hair colour session.

By the way you may check the tutorial on how I colored my hair here .

All these days, I have felt that my hair quality has improved a lot. I mean the hair strands are thicker and they have bounce in them. I noticed this since the first wash after coloring my hair.

 My hair feels stronger, shiner and smooth like silk. While I was styling my hair for the photos, Out of the blue, my brother complimented that my hair looked beautiful. He's not a person who would ever notice something on his own. but he did and guess what he even took a couple of pictures which he never does even if I would plead him to do that. I assume you can related with that. That  was such a nice and sweet khoobsurat moment for me. Such simple incidences can make you feel good from within. You know what, now, he wants to color his hair too. Really? 

By the way, I can also create some exciting hairstyles with my new hair cut & coloured hair. Go on to Get The Look to know which haircut suits your face type -

The post is a part of L'Oreal Paris "Say Yes to hair Colour" campaign.
My Hair Spa Day and Khoobsurat Moment Reviewed by Niesha on 10:46 pm Rating: 5 Hey girls!! It's been a month since I colored my hair and all these weeks I have had pretty good hair days. The last time, I did the ha...


  1. You have a healthy and very beautiful hair!

  2. you look so pretty Niesha... and your hair looks lovely.... loved how you look so ethereal here

  3. Your hair looks so glossy and pretty .... can't stop starring at the pics. You look incredibly beautiful dear

  4. Neisha your hair is actually look well nourished and healthy.....i can see the gloss in them

    keep in touch

  5. Your hair look absolutely gorgeous. By the way loved your colored lenses!

  6. You hair look really gorgeous Niesha :) Oiling and steam does help a lot <3 <3

    1. Couldn't agree more dear! :)
      <3 good to see you

  7. Youe hair are absolutely gorgeous Babe! I love the glossy finish of your hair :)

  8. WOW ! Niesh looking Beautiful <3
    I really adore the healthy shine on your hair ^_^ *Touchwood*


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