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Friday 19 September 2014

L’Oreal Paris Trend Sourcing Contest : 1 Winner [CLOSED]

L’Oreal Paris Trend Sourcing Contest : 1 Winner

Hey girls!!
One more exciting contest for you where you can win L’Oreal Paris Goodies!! You know, L’Oreal Paris has just launched their first exclusive Say Yes to Colour store on Flipkart.
It is exclusive for sure. Now, how you could win the hamper? Let me reveal more details here: 

Casting Crème Gloss has 3 luscious, rich chocolate shades and every shade boasts of a distinct personality that we all can identify with. Based on these shades, they have created looks & every girl can find herself in one of them!

1. For Iced Chocolate – It’s all about Iced Diva! She is bold, She is stylish and she shimmers brighter with every step. She loves a Saturday night out or a lavish shopping spree with her girl friends. Jet Black dresses, stilettos are her absolute favourite! Is that you?

2. For Dark Chocolate - A traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer is what defines Chocolate Chic. She is spontaneous & loves an occasional long walk on the beach and dresses wild and free with crop tops, harem pants and bold jewellery.

3. For Golden Goddess - She is poised, she is elegant, she is classy, she is perfect! Your girl next door with a gorgeous smile and a sense of style. Golden Goddess loves her Sunday brunches and quiet dinner dates. She wears timeless colours and shines with the exuberance of Gold. 

So, Which is that one personality that matches with yours the best? Are you the Iced Diva, or a traveler like Chocolate Chic or Golden goddess who’s poised and perfect! Tell us, why that personality matches with yours and you have to must share the link of the best item you liked in that personality’s store on Flipkart.

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The person with the best answer wins a hamper!

Hurry up!! The contest ends on 21st and winner will be announced on 22nd.

Winner is Sugandha Dixit!!
Prizes sponsored by L'Oreal Paris India.
L’Oreal Paris Trend Sourcing Contest : 1 Winner [CLOSED] Reviewed by Niesha on 12:27 pm Rating: 5 L’Oreal Paris Trend Sourcing Contest : 1 Winner Hey girls!! One more exciting contest for you where you can win L’Oreal Paris Goodies!! You...


  1. I am a chocolate Chic because it truly defines me. A traveller, a wanderer, a dreamer is what defines Chocolate Chic. I am spontaneous & loves an occasional long walk on the beach and dresses wild and free with crop tops, harem pants and bold jewellery. I am free bird with no limitations. I love traveling. Long drives. I am a simple, fun loving person. Patience is my loveliest virtue. I love making people laugh. I care n I am a sensitive person. Doesn't like burden on me.

    I love this sling bag.


  2. Dark Chocolate- Being an aquarian I am wander, unpredictable and moody. I love beaches and like there is no limit to sea, I could feel there is no limit to imagination. Coroful, Floral dresses, unusual jewelery, smiling faces attracts me.

    I like cuff most http://www.flipkart.com/vr-designers-copper-cuff/p/itmdwbryuzfzdtky?pid=BBADWBRYREREGYMK&srno=b_2&ref=74306f21-d351-4ab3-9d91-259644c64de5

  3. Helloooooo !
    So excited to chose a look, imagining if I had a makeover done for myself. I would like the put following together and make heads turn (*wink wink*) :

    Outfit & Accessories:
    Loreal casting creme gloss Chocolate Chic (Sonam's Dark Cholocate) + Pera Doce Solid Women's Jumpsuit (blue) + Dress Villa Acrylic, Alloy Necklace + Wet Blue Heels + Juvalia Glow Clutch

    Loreal Paris Glam Shine Lip Crayon (Lychee Lust - 911) + Loreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster +
    Loreal Paris Color Riche Vernis (Shocking Pink - 210)

    To speak a little about my choices, Chocolate Chic is that color which is very complimenting for Indian skin tone.
    It suits all occassions and clothes, Its Amonia free and adds gloss to the hair making it look lively and rich,
    I futher chose the Pera Doce jumpsuit particularly in blue color so that I match it with Wet Blue Heels. The Dress Villa Acrylic, Alloy Necklace and the Juvalia Glow Clutch adds the glam quotient to the otherwise casual dress.

    I would like to keep the maky-up sutle for the above mentioned outfit and accessories, I would like to use Loreal Paris Super Liner Blackbuster and draw a thin flicked liner on the eyes and use Loreal Paris Glam Shine Lip Crayon (Lychee Lust - 911) and Loreal Paris Color Riche Vernis (Shocking Pink - 210) as they are sutle colors and go very well with the entire look.


  4. Hi niesha
    All dat glitters is not gold but all dese looks are like gold mines , The look which surely goes with my personality is iced diva or iced chocolate . Its sheer co incidence i have colored my hair few days back with this amazing casting creme colour and i must say results are TERRIFIC I am iced diva cuz all d adjectives deribed for her are well suited on me i am bold, stylish, i love shimmers . i have around 70 LBD"S in my closet and i love only stilettos i can wear dem all day long .. i am so obsessed with dem .I love shopping spreee and hanging out with my gals on saturday being weekend go for outings with my gang and nyt outs at pub or discotheque at nyt to unwind.I love shimmer a lot i have obsession for all shimmery dressed and garments . The dress which complements my look from the store is fab alley sheath dress here is d link http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=dfe2891d-efa7-4a9b-a438-dc27ec3bbf30
    ish to wwin dear (itsgivesso much happiness to win with ur favourite blogger )

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  6. Golden Goddess - I am poised, I am elegant, I am classy, she is perfect! My girl next door with a gorgeous smile and a sense of style.I can flirt with my eyes and not just with my body.The perfect woman in me knows how to pull off being sexy perfectly with style and confidence.I Like to dress with the right mix of sassiness without giving away the good.Demonstrating a willingness to learn or be trained and Perfect smile makes me a Golden Goddess .Showing consideration for others through acts of kindness .The freedom to perform at my highest level.Being able to laugh at my own jokes and i am Being open to receive constructive criticism and guidance makes me and Expressing deep gratitude and appreciation to people and to God . Endeavoring to do what is right .Bringing my thoughts, words, actions&attitudes into constant obedience in order to benefit others.being open-minded and non-judgmental of others. Using wisely that which others would normally overlook or discard makes me uber cool, stylish and glamorously chic.
    i like Juvalia Glow Clutch

  7. Hi Nishu
    I loved d giveway i cant wait to Beg , borrow or steal to win this one..
    I can very well connect with ICED DIVA she is very 'me' dear .. I am just like her bold , stylish and in love with shimmers and shimmery stuff !!!!
    I like hitting malls every saturday nyt for having dinner dates with my friends and shopping and indulging in all fun and recreational activities....so i am ll hunky dory with my buddies i love donning black dresses since i love d colour alot i feels it defines me completly and make look sexo.. i am sharin d link of dress i love most and blue heels which are perfecto !! http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=6a711b37-bb52-43c3-a8b2-73f9684b98b1 and blue heels
    love sonika
    (wish to win )

  8. Hi niesha
    I wana say that u r amazing with ur blog!!!
    I am so so intoxicated with the iced diva and i love d look so much ... I am just like her bold , stylish andin love with bling and shimmer . Shimmer is predominantly in my closet and i love night outson saturday andloving shopping spree with my best friends, i love flaunting stilelttos(i own 100 odd pairs ) so much that i dress up and wear them at home wohoo . My fav color is iced chocolate it suits my comlexion and its ammonia free too thats great , here is d link to d dress http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=f8e539b3-c588-4461-8188-ef12b82c1d2f
    i am so happy with d whole look!!!<3 <3 <3 wish to win it!!
    Vibha dutta

  9. I'm Ice Diva and the product I liked from flipkart store is this: http://www.flipkart.com/wet-blue-heels/p/itmdufnknv4fgzmc?pid=SNDDUFNKNV4FGZMC&otracker=from-search&srno=t_1&query=iced+diva&ref=fc56d706-2c91-4b3f-ab31-939427fa3324

    I'm Ice Diva because it is really me... a person... means me.. who likes to experiment with creativity is always considered as stylish so I am. I'm bold and confident too... and the most apt thing which suits me... is the black color... black color is one color I'm in love with and its my all time favorite... I can play with this color like anything...
    and you'll always find black in my wardrobe.. whether it is makeup, dress, nail art, or you just name it... I have black in it...

    thank u di n loreal paris for this amazing contest...

  10. Hello
    I am anjali

    THE BEST LOOK ASPER ME IS ICED DIVA i m soooo much in love with the look cant get enough of it and i am myself, bold stylish and shimmer loving gal,, I love going places with my friends , night outsdh nights all are part of my personality i love to shop alot i have OCD for shopping .. i cant resist stuff in black colour (being my favourite) i just cant resist black dresses so i am hsring d closet here http://www.flipkart.com/faballey-women-s-sheath-dress/p/itmdqzey4gm9tjea?pid=DREDQZESUFZWSGKT&otracker=from-search&srno=t_2&query=iced+diva&ref=f8e539b3-c588-4461-8188-ef12b82c1d2f i can do anything and everything to win this one ... hope my prayers gt answeredi am broke ryt now cant buy this lol

  11. I am a chocolate chic

    I love travelling- both with or without plans... spontaneous plans are always fun.. I love to be myself and free like a bird.. I love to fly like a wanderer.. and i love love beaches.. Mumbai beaches love them all... though a little dirty but love to have a walk with special one..

    I love bold jwellery esp nech pieces and bracelets...

    item which I loved is

    Sling bag clubbed with harem or jeans on a beach is so comfortable...

    So let u be free girls.. :)

  12. Nice post dear :) Good inspiration! Good luck to participants!

  13. Hi Niesha..............Awesome contest.....

    I think i identify with the Iced Chocolate Diva as i consider myself to be quite bold and independent.....I love going out and spending time with my gal frnds and shopping is my favorite hobby as well as the biggest stress buster for me.....

    I totally love this chic dress from the Iced Diva section on flipkart: Faballey Women's Sheath Dress

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  15. My personality resembles Chocolate Chic because I am a fun loving person and like to keep everyone around me happy and entertained coz that is what defines me .. I love coloring my hair and esp in those shades which are bright and vibrant as these colors make me happy..
    My fav product from Flipkart is a lipstick Aishwarya Rai rocked at Cannes 2014...

    Thanks for the giveaway and all the best to everyone :)

  16. Hey Neisha, thanks for organizing this fabulous giveaway and best wishes for years of blogging that you have ahead for you!
    Although all the 3 looks put together by team L'Oreal are superb in their own way, the one which best suits my taste is the Iced Diva! It describes me perfectly as I love shopping (but then.. who doesn't), parties and crazy nightouts.. Nothing that a little bit of glitter in my life can't make better! I would like to think of my style as girly, quirky and a little bit eccentric! Love everything in that category, right from the little black sequin dress to the blue heels!
    But my favorite has to be the black and blue colored jumpsuit: http://www.flipkart.com/pera-doce-solid-women-s-jumpsuit/p/itmdyrzfgcj3e6gf?pid=JUMDYRZFUN5CGDQF&otracker=from-search&srno=t_3&query=iced+diva&ref=55c0d425-23d5-449e-9798-a64dde4ad18e
    The reason why I am choosing it is as they are quite in fashion nowadays. Also, love the sharp silhouette of the jumpsuit and the color blocking with black and blue, both, my favorite colors! The dark colors would help me hide the extra pounds that I have gained in previous few months! It's also a very versatile piece of clothing as it can be worn during the day or night/in a formal or an informal setting depending upon how it is accessorized! Would love to flaunt it on a crazy nightout with my girlfriends!
    Shared the contest link on twitter!
    Fingers crossed for winner announcement!
    Saachi Garg

  17. Hey Niesha. Your giveaway is amazing. I love the iced diva look. Its perfectly stylish and very comfortable too. I feel its a bold look and easy to carry. Its just my way not too much and never too lesh. Always fashionable and comfortable too. It defines my style statement care free and bold. Its very gorgeous look and I'm sure it would suit me perfectly. I really liked this jumpsuit in this look voz it has my favourite 2 colours black and blue. And we all know jumpsuits are always so comfy. And for me style is all about being comfortable in whatever I wear. :) (whose link i'll post In the next comment coz idk y its not bring posted in this one)

  18. http://www.flipkart.com/pera-doce-solid-women-s-jumpsuit/p/itmdyrzfgcj3e6gf?pid=JUMDYRZFUN5CGDQF&otracker=search_2&pageNum=1&query=iced+diva
    This is the jumpsuit I really loved. :D


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