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Monday 8 September 2014

Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Review and Swatches of Shade Medium Wheat

Hey girls!!In this post, I will be reviewing a new Avon CC cream  which has something slightly different that most of the CC/BB creams that I have used. Beauty world has been literally exploded with BB and CC creams. My love for BB creams is to the extend that most of the times I am wearing these only even if my foundations would sulk and complaint at this. I love using them on daily basis. Credit goes to their light pigment and sunscreen that saves time for a person who’s in a rush most of the time.

Avon Color Corrector CC Cream
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Review

Brand Claims “Avon Color Corrector Cream, instantly corrects uneven skin tone and makes skin radiant over the time Its light breathable formula combines a high performing skin care serum with color correcting pigments. Formulated with licorice and vitamin C, this advanced corrector fades dark spots and hyper pigmentation after just two weeks of use. It protects with SPF 50. Provides medium coverage”
Price for Avon CC cream: 399 rupees for 18g

Views on Avon Color Corrector CC Cream
Avon CC Cream is packaged in a tiny flattened black tube with gold lettering that makes the packing look cute and fairly easy to use. I find its fragrance to be like that of most of the skin toners, mild and refreshing.
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Review

I have this shade Medium wheat with me. Medium wheat is a beige pigment, which at first looks too pale for even the Indian fair skin tone but gradually it adapts itself as per the skin color. Having said that this shade medium wheat will suit fair to Medium fair skin tones only as on slightly duskier skin tones it will look too obvious or rather ashy. They have got one more shade which is even paler than this  therefore, I don’t think any of these shades will cater to the duskier skin tones. With so many skin tones, that can be broadly categorize as fair, medium and dusky but still most of the products like foundations, compacts or concealers are made as per the fair to medium skin tones, ignoring the duskier skin tones completely especially with the BB and CC creams which can look too obvious on dusky skin tones even after they get tone down a bit after blending!

Moving on, this Avon Color Corrector CC Cream is not just like the regular color correcting creams but it has some micro shimmer particles which makes skin glow and appear radiant. The light reflecting particles aren’t too much in density or bigger in size, therefore, it won’t transom you into a living shiny disco ball!
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream 2
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Review

The Avon Color Corrector CC Cream is more on the liquid consistency which blends decently into the skin. I will have to blend it just like any other BB or CC cream, not like the foundations. For the entire face, less than a pea size is sufficient. Dotting it all over the face would be the best way to apply this, which further aids in blending the product well.
Once blended, it brightens up the face and doesn’t make skin oily though as usual my T zone tends to get oily after a couple of hours. It isn’t sweat proof, you see.
The Color corrector cream has SPF 50 which is quite high therefore, you don’t have to worry much about the sunscreens but still I would recommend you to use a sunscreen before this as you will be using just around a pea sized of this CC cream. For oily skin, go for gel based sunscreen and for dry skin you can go with the regular lotion kind of sunscreen.

Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Swatch
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Swatch

This product doesn’t give much coverage just the medium coverage with glow therefore don't expect much on the coverage part.A word of caution here, this CC cream is not ideal for flash photography due to the high SPF that can give white cast with flash. I wish it could have been a bit lesser in price. Overall, it is a decent product to add some extra glow on your face without looking over the top. Thanks to its micro-est shimmer particles.

Avon CC cream Fotd

This is how is looks on me. It's been taken with soft flash that's why some amount of ashyness is there. 
Pros of Avon Color Corrector CC Cream

Blends nicely
No allergies
No breakouts
SPF 50
Skin looks bright
Doesn’t clog pores

Cons of Avon Color Corrector CC Cream:

Price for some
Light coverage
Not for flash photography
Limited shades

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Take: If you need a daily light coverage cream that has good SPF then this can be tried. It gets blend well nicely, adds a glow to the skin with its fine shimmery particles and a formula which isn’t greasy making it good for even oily/combination skin.

PR sample though review is honest as always!!
Avon Color Corrector CC Cream Review and Swatches of Shade Medium Wheat Reviewed by Niesha on 12:19 pm Rating: 5 Hey girls!! In this post, I will be reviewing a new Avon CC cream   which has something slightly different that most of the CC/BB ...


  1. Sounds like a good product but it's not for me! I need something that isn't dewy! I set all of my foundations anyway but I've been very happy with my foundations and haven't tried any cc creams yet! Thanks for the review!

  2. Sounds okay for my skin type too!
    Nicely reviewed :)

  3. It is too bad that it does not have a great coverage. I didn't know about this product, I like the fact that it has such a high SPF, these days it is very needed!

  4. It seems to be a decent one for everyday use. I love as it is not oily on the skin. Beautiful review.

  5. Sound ok ...great review n lovely clicks ..

  6. I think that this one isn't going to be for me. I love Lakme and L'oreal better for their coverage. I will give it a pass for now. Nice pics Niesha.....

  7. i will stay clear of this one as it won't suit my skin tone. :)

  8. It looks great but I like more covergaes in my bases...Sounds great for just a light look ...Lovely Review Babe :)

  9. it sounds okay for everyday use...nice review

  10. This sounds good, atleast not like its BB cream, loved the swatches on you Niesh.

  11. This sounds rather average, I'd give this a miss. :)

  12. 'my foundation would sulk and complaint' ha ha... nice review... beautiful fotd :) spf 50 is great na

  13. It provides such high protection. Unless it;s a special occasion, I prefer protecting my skin from the sun . :P


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