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Monday 11 August 2014

Time to Bust Some Hair Color Myths: Busted!!

Time to Bust some hair color Myths: Busted!!

Hey girls!!
Recently, I posted, How I colored my hair at home with L'Oreal Paris Casting Creme Gloss. It was quick and hassle free. When it comes to hair coloring there are some hesitations, myths that may surround us, resulting in skipping or postponing the idea of coloring the hair but not anymore, Today, I will be busting some common hair color related myths so that you can worry free flaunt the color you desire for!
Let’s get started:

Hair Coloring leads to premature graying of hair
We dread grays and would avoid anything that is remotely related to being its cause.
Hair color is not related to graying of hair as the color only penetrates the outer surface not the hair follicle. If the hair follicle inside is gray or not. The outer coloring will not affect that at all.

Hair coloring leads to hair fall
Until and unless you’re following the instructions properly and using a hair color from a good and reputed brand, hair coloring will not lead to hair fall.

Hair Coloring can damage the hair
If the hair color that you are using is from a good brand like Casting Crème Gloss, it will not damage the hair rather its No Ammonia formula with Royal Jelly makes hair softer and smoother. Hair feels nourished. I can say this by my personal experience. My hair post washing are much silkier and has this bouncy volume.

You’ll need to go to a professional to color your hair
It is not mandatory to visit a salon or a professional, if you just want a single even hair color. For highlights and lowlights or any other advance treatment you need to visit the stylist else, hair coloring at home is an easy and mess free process.

Hair coloring is a messy process
It is not true at all. I have done it lot of times and the entire process takes about 40- 45 minutes, right from the opening the pack till the final hair washing. It is not messy and is very safe, easy when the instructions are followed accordingly!

Once I color my hair, I won’t be able to go back to my natural hair color. 
With Casting Creme Gloss, your color stays fresh and glossy for upto 28 washes, after which your natural hair color is back! So you can try all the shades you want to- without worrying about losing your natural hair color!
So, these were the common hair coloring Myths and doubts that most women have when it comes to coloring their hair.
I hope this post has made the picture clearer and will help you take better decision.
Time to Bust Some Hair Color Myths: Busted!! Reviewed by Niesha on 3:47 pm Rating: 5 Time to Bust some hair color Myths: Busted!! Hey girls!! Recently, I posted, How I colored my hair at home with L'Oreal Paris Cas...


  1. Agree with you Niesha, if we choose a good brand and follow instructions properly, we won't face any problem.

  2. That's an informative post Niesh! Happy day! :)

  3. Nice post Neisha, these are Myths and doubts that most women and girls have in their minds, about coloring. Have a nice day, kisses <3


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