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Thursday 21 August 2014

Share your khoobsurat Moments and Win L’Oreal Paris goodies!!

Share your khoobsurat Moments and Win L’Oreal Paris goodies!!

Hey Girls!!
It’s contest time again!!
Now that I have coloured my hair with Casting Creme Gloss. I can tell you that it is so simple! It took me 20 minutes to do by myself at home and since then I have experienced Khoobsurat Moments which you have been reading here. I'm sure you too have, now it’s your turn to share your khoobsurat moments and stand a chance to win L’Oreal Paris Goodies!!

Participate and share them to win!

Here are the rules:
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Share your khoobsurat moments in the comment sections.

If you are not able to comment then post your answer on our FB page.

1 Lucky Winner will get L’Oreal Paris goodies sponsored by L’Oreal Paris India.

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Hurry up girls! The contest will last till 24th and winners will be announced on 25th August 2014.

Please note that the prize will be sent by L'Oreal Paris India
Share your khoobsurat Moments and Win L’Oreal Paris goodies!! Reviewed by Niesha on 10:13 pm Rating: 5 Share your khoobsurat Moments and Win L’Oreal Paris goodies!! Hey Girls!! It’s contest time again!! Now that I have coloured my hai...


  1. Thank u di for such khoobsurat giveaway...
    My khooburat moment was then when my parents organised a grand party on my 11th birthday... that was the best birthday in my life... i was the princess at that time n the attraction too... every girl is a princess to their parents... n when its a girl... dad are the most emotional person... i luv my dad as he always makes me realise that I'm his princess daughter... so i guess i go through with khoobsurat moment every day coz of my dad n my mom too... proud to be a girl.. but more proud to be my dad's princess daughter.... :* ^_^

  2. My khubsoorat moment was my marriage day. Although it was not a grand function type, but more of a warm and emotional day for me. I was overwhelmed by the thought that I am finally marrying the person I have loved for last 5 years and then I was feeling sad too thinking I will no longer be with my mom and dad. In midst of all crying and rituals, I felt a different feeling whenever I looked at my husband, I fell in love with him again. Its been one and half months I am married and I still remember every moment of that day, smiling and happy. :) That is my Khoobsurat moment until now.. <3

  3. Wow this soooo interesting Niesha, I would love to participate! :)

  4. My #KhoobsuratMoments was after trying Casting Creme I was really happily surprised with this product :)
    I applied on my hair Once i had rinsed, conditioned and towel dried my hair I noticed that my hair was much more shiny and soft :) I am Totally impressed with this product :) I've got a lot of compliments from my friends & family on my hair for that day i felt so happy :) i'm excited to try out other colours in the future after this experience. Its makes me Pride myself So this is my Pride khoobsurat moment :)

  5. My khoobsurat moments are when I try to put on any kind of make up (i.e. like the simplest of all a kajal) and i am able to do so perfectly as I have always been a tomboyish type but i really like getting dressed and look pretty so all moments when my friends helped me or when I was successful is getting dressed up all by myself are my khoobsurat moments. and also when i feel really happy and have that never-ending smile on my face (I love that smile of mine) :P

  6. my #khoobsuratmoments was wen i won dbressed dressed n dream gal awardin my office !! voila was on cloud nine cant beieve i did it !! thanks to my lovablelorael brand @lorealparisindai for amazing lipstick shades n above all i color my hair at comfort of y home n looked like saloon tretaed perfect shine n coverage .. D product isamazing n i endorse it compltely n neisha thank u for amazing contest since its my all tym fav brand !!!!i m feeling pride that i use it cuz I M WORTH IT !i have tried dchocolatecolors which suit me well i m in love with casting creme gloss it have cast a spell on me !!!

  7. My khoobsurat moment. Last month I colored my hair ebony black and my cousin's 2 - year old daughter said , " mausi u r so bootiful". Yes she pronounced it bootiful.
    Of all the compliments I received, this innocent compliment of my niece touched my heart and I felt that I am khoobsurat

  8. My Khoobsurat moment was last year when I was crowned ,when I was declared Miss Farewell in my college,so many memories I can never forget it probably one of the best days of my life!!:D Its a wonderful feeling to be all dolled up ,to pick up and wear the best outfit from the wardrobe,walk slow ,do your step step turns at each x, smile ,answer confidently ,keep up with the judges and make the crowd crazy about you!!lol Its fun how the college hoots,scream out your name and take pictures of you walking the ramp :D Amazing how you make new friends,sharing the stage with all the other pretty faces ,get all the attention and the best part is being crowned which includes the bouquet,sash,tiara ,lots of words which only tears could express and tons of hugs and kisses from the jury all the contestants and the audience <3 <3 <3 This is by far my most khoobsurat moment everr and I thank each and everyone who made this happen :D

  9. When I walked the ramp for the Bangalore's "SUPER MOM" contest looking all pretty & stunning with my hair & makeup done by the hairstylist & the beautician. I felt so confident & beautiful inside out that I got selected in the top five contestants. Made me feel real proud, happy & on the top of the world most #KhoobsuratMoment in my life!

  10. #mykhoobsuratmoment was wen i was returning frm office n walking down d street n one stranger came to me a galin her teenstold me dat i looked wonderful n askedme did i color my hair n also asked me abt my lipstick shae n complemented mesaying dey suit me well .. obviuosly i blushed cud not speak was overwhelmed .. i loved it it was my khoobsurat moment.. i chersih it !!

  11. A birthday every year brings something new, something special for everyone. And we all have different reasons to say "this bday had been the most khoobsurat"
    I'm no exception to it.... When i tried recollecting my spl bday moments, few of the celebrations close to my heart spread a smile on my face :)
    But then i decided to share the most cherished one wid u ...
    It was October once again (my bday month), but unlike every year there was somewhat unbearable silence at home since many days. I was myself the reason for the same.
    Since many months (infact 3 yrs to be exact), I had been trying to convince my parents to get me married to an intercast boy, for which they were not ready at all.. Though my sisters were favourable to me trying making every possible bit from their side.. My patience finally turned fruitful and God's blessings were showered on me.
    Everyone in my family had happily agreed for the alliance and they decided to get me engaged on my spl day i.e. my bday <3
    I was genuinely on cloud nine, thanking my stars for giving me the happiness of lifetime. the glow of true love made me look so khoobsurat in minimal makeup & I could notice the admiration in the eyes of my soulmate.
    Now, till my last breath..this khoobsurat bday moment will be co-celebrated as my Engagement Anniversary too :) #mykhoobsuratmoment

    Shilpa Bindlish


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